Thursday, January 22, 2009


Ok, I guess it is time to post it on here for the world to see- we are going to be parents!!! Yep, that's right, I'm pregnant! 10weeks and 5 days today!! Not only are we moving to Japan, we are going to be a mom and dad! We thought it would be fun to get in every type of major life change we could in a 6 month time frame - ha!
 I went to the doctor this week (for the first time- I had been counting down the days I was so anxious) and got an exam and sonogram. She said everything looked/sounded/felt great, and then took me in the sonogram room. I have to say- that was the most amazing experience of my life!!! She squirted the goop on my belly, turned on the machine, pushed the little wand down...and there was our bean! It was beautiful! I haven't ever been able to figure out those pictures, but I immediatly knew where the head, arms and legs where- maybe it is my mother's intuition :) She turned up the machine so you could hear the heartbeat. It was strong at 158bpm (she said the range is 110-180, so that was great), and that is when my tears started to flow. Then she did the 3D sonogram, and you could really make out the little body parts. I was amazed, and could have stared at that screen for hours! Little Bean just squirmed and kicked its legs, and then put its arms in front of its face as if to say "stop staring at me mom- I'm shy". It was precious! Then it did a somersault- I think I'm growing a gymnast! It really was amazing, beautiful, awesome....all those adjectives and more! I'm due August 15th, so watch out world- Baby C is on his/her way!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Meetings and Schedules

So, I went to a meeting Monday about military moves. I can sum it up in one word:boring. Ok, maybe 2 words: boring and unhelpful. Oh well. We did schedule our "big shipment" to ship the furniture and large items. They will be picking that stuff up Feb 13th. We don't leave until mid-March, so I guess we will be camping out in our living room and sleeping on an air mattress for a month. Ah, the sacrifices we are willing to make. It will all be worth it once we are there and getting to see and experience all new things. But if we could just fast-forward this process about 6 months...