Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

I know this is out of order, but...
Happy Halloween from the cutest, yummiest little sushi roll on the block! I love homemade costumes and thought this was cute, easy and totally appropriate for living in Japan! She has her white rice, her salmon piece, her nori (seaweed) wrap, her dab of wasabi (in her hair) and even her soy sauce (her candy collection bag). We had a fun Halloween passing out candy with our neighbors and looking at all the kids in costumes. Mallory was dressed up, but she was not really sure what this whole holiday was all about! We took pictures, entered her in the commissary costume contest and let her pass out a few pieces of candy to other kids. She also got to eat a few pieces herself- she's a fan of chocolate and also lollipops. She's definitely my kid, with that sweet tooth.
Also, GO BAYLOR BEARS! They beat University of Texas last weekend (talk about a fun family rivalry!) and are bowl eligible for the 1st time since 1994. They are also currently ranked #1 in the Big 12 South. So proud of my Bears!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

This interuption in blogging brought to you by...

...the fall craft fair at Yokota Air Base. I decided to have a booth this year, after several people telling me they think my embroidery will sell great around here. So, that means in all my spare time I'm working on making lots of samples to have out at my booth. If you live here at Yokota, come on out and see me at the Arts and Crafts Fair, November 13th, in the parking lot between the Yujo and the Arts and Crafts Center. If not, visit my other blog at to see some examples (an update to come soon) and let me know if you'd like to place an order. Christmas is coming up soon, you know!!!
I promise after the Craft Fair is over, I'll get back into the blogging world- maybe I'll even blog about how well I did (hopefully) at the craft fair!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Family Adventure to Malaysia & Thailand- Part 2

After our tour of Kuala Lumpur, we flew to Langkawi, Malaysia. Like I said before, it is a little island off the coast of mainland Malaysia, dedicated to tourism. We went on the recommendation of some friends, as we wanted to stay in "overwater bungalows" (our original vacation dream was to Tahiti, but it was way too expensive). We arrived at the Berjaya Resort late on the night of August 2nd, and checked in our room. It was very nice, and super spacious. They had given us an upgrade, so we took it!
This was our bedroom:
and the living room and kitchette. Mallory loved all the crawling room.
The bathroom was huge, with a toilet, bidet and 2 sinks.
Plus, a tub and separate shower.
We were treated to this basket of fruit- look at the start fruit and the cool malaysia pointy one at the top. I have no idea what that is :)
This sign was in our room as well. There are 2 different kinds of monkeys on the island. 1 of them is very shy and elusive and stays up in the trees most of the time. But the other ones will come into your room if they can get in, and eat your food, go thru your stuff, and make a mess. Brett kept saying he was waiting to come back to our room to find them sleeping in our bed and watching our tv :)
Since we got in so late that night, we ordered room service. Hey, we were on vacation!
And a bottle of wine to go with the room service.
Our room, or "hut" had a balcony with this beautiful view, which we enjoyed waking up to the next morning (August 3rd).
Taken from our porch, looking to the right. Our house looked like these- on stilts and over the water.
Although Mallory had her own crib, she enjoyed our comfy bed :)
The same view, taken from our balcony at dusk. So pretty.
Daddy and daughter enjoying the ocean waves. You could hear them at night and it was soooo relaxing to fall asleep to.
Mal on the recliner on the porch
Daddy and Mal
The hotel grounds were quite spread out, as all the rooms were separate little cabins. Some were in the rainforest, and some over the water, just depending on what you wanted (and wanted to pay for). The hotel provided these little trams to get you to where you needed to go. We were lucky in that our cabin was quite near the front of the hotel grounds, so we could walk to breakfast, the pool, the main lobby, etc. but still felt secluded inside our little place.
Our cabin. We were bummed that it was too close to shore to actually jump into the water from the house. There were lots of very sharp rocks below, so that wouldn't have been a very smart move. But it was still very pretty and nice.
The main swimming beach
Breakfast was included with our room (it pretty much had to be as we were on an island without any way of getting to other restaurants). Mallory enjoyed lots of croissants and cereal and yogurt.
Mal and Mommy at breakfast (please ignore the fact that my child has a knife in her hand in this picture).
The pool at the resort was beautiful and we spent the whole first day there, just laying out enjoying the sun and relaxing.

It had a swim up bar too- very nice!
Chillin' in the chair.
Our Malaysian Beauty Queen
The waterfall into the pool

After spending the first day being lazy by the pool, we decided to go check out the famous cable car the next day (August 4th). We bought tickets at our hotel and they put us on a little shuttle and drove us over (although it wasn't far at all). It was located in the "Oriental Village". This is a picture of the Malaysian flag hanging on the sign out front. We had to wait quite a long time in line, but finally it was our turn. Mallory had decided to wait it out by taking a nap, so she was asleep the whole way up. It's ok though. The views on thew way up and at the top were beautiful and worth the wait.
A gorgeous waterfall you could see from the cable car.
The beach was out behind us, and so pretty.
You stop part of the way up, at the first platform, to get off and take some pictures.
You can see the second platform and skywalk from the first stop.
the cars going up to the second stop. From the second stop, you can look back to where you just were. YOu can also walk out on the sky bridge. It's a little bit shaky as it is suspended in mid-air over the rainforest, but has gorgeous views and is pretty amazing to walk on.
Then you ride the car back down again.
After our cable car ride, we wandered around the village for a bit, stopping in a few shops and getting some lunch. That was an experience all it's own. Not to get too graphic on here, but we heard Mal "do her business" about 1/2 way thru our lunch. We thought "we'll eat and let her eat and then change her as we are leaving". The Malaysians aren't big on baby changing tables and multiple times when I asked where to change her, people pointed to the bathroom floor. Ick. Anyway, this restaurant was much the same, so we figured we'd just do it on our way out. We ate, paid and as I went to pick her up, I noticed she had let loose, and it was all over her leg, her clothes, her socks and feet, and the highchair. Thank God it was a wooden highchair. I changed her on the bathroom floor (at that point I had no choice!) and Brett wiped up the mess in the highchair. We both apologized profusely and got the heck outta there. It was a bit embarrassing and of course Mallory had no idea. Babies! :)
After that we went back to the hotel and had dinner and enjoyed our porch over the ocean. We also managed to see and get a few pictures of the monkeys everyone talked and talked about.
Our last night in Langkawi we decided to have a drink at the outdoor lobby bar. Mallory wanted to pick out a drink too.
I had a mojito and Brett had a beer. Mallory climbed right up on the table and tried to eat the bar snacks and drink my mojito :)
As I said earlier, Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country. The women often wear the full burkas, covering all of their body including their face. I won't lie, it was a bit unnerving to see them all over. But most of them were very nice and friendly. They too loved Mallory and a group of them came over to hold her. I didn't get a very good picture, as I was standing farther away from them (Brett had been walking M around the bar to entertain her) and I wasn't sure they would be ok with me taking their pictures close up. It was definitely something you wouldn't see in America, or Japan either! Mallory just looked at them like they were playing a big game of peek-a-boo!

The next morning, August 5th, we woke up early and headed back to the airport to leave Malaysia and head to Thailand. Again, we were on Air Asia (cheap tickets, you can't beat it!) and we had a morning flight from Langkawi back to Kuala Lumpur, and then an evening flight out of KL to Phuket, Thailand. So, we spent the day at a mall in KL, shopping and even seeing a movie in English (we timed it just so right as Mal fell asleep right at the beginning and slept until the credits started to roll). We flew out of KL and arrived in Phuket on the evening of August 5th and checked into our hotel, the Indigo Pearl....