Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bachelor Time!

One of my favorite (trash) tv shows is The Bachelor. This season was shown on tv here, so lots of us got together each Wednesday night at our friend Kate's house to eat, drink, chit-chat and bash the bachelorettes. The night of the finale was a great time!
I made cupcakes. They say "down with vienna sausage". We all couldn't stand Vienna (the girl he ultimately ended up with). We started calling her vienna sausage, and it just stuck.
Laura won the "name the most bachelorettes" game. She got some bath goodies..and a rose!
Laura, Shannon, me, Kate, and Jessica
I accepted my rose. That's Lynn behind me, laughing I'm sure!
Kate had her house decorated with Bachelor pictures and the show motto " who will Jake choose- Sugar or Spice".
The gang, hanging out and having great girly time!

Antiques, prunes and bath time...

Here are a few more shots of Miss Mally-moo, just so you can see a few more things she has been up to. Gosh, she sure is a cutie, huh?
These first few pictures are of her posing in an antique hat and shirt that were once her Nana's (my mom).

There is a picture of my mom wearing the shirt at about 3 months. I was trying to get Mallory to do the same pose, but I waited a bit to long. She's about 6 months in these pictures, so she didn't want to lay down and pose. That's ok- she still looks good in it!

A few more picture of her eating. She never misses a meal, for sure!

Would you like some peaches too?

I make prunes look good!
Just hangin' out...
Bath time in my blow-up duckie. I LOVE this thing. It fits in the real bathtub, but I can sit up in it without slipping around, have my own little bubble bath, and the beak squeaks too!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just a quick thank you

Maybe it is because it is Sunday morning and we didn't go to church. Maybe it's because I just watched the news (it comes on in the mornings here b/c of the time difference) and the stories of people on there are so depressing sometimes. Perhaps it is because I was just reading the blog of a family who lost their little girl and have another friend who is going to a funeral today...don't know what it is, but it made me take a moment to stop and reflect on my own life. I just wanted to say how very thankful, grateful and blessed I feel.
I have the family I have always dreamed of- a husband who loves me so much, takes care of me and supports me both monetarily and emotionally. He got up this morning and made cinnamon pecan pancakes, hashbrowns and eggs...just because! I have a beautiful, adorable, sweet 8 month old daughter who makes me smile every minute of every day. She is sitting on the floor in front of me as I type this, entertaining herself with a book (in her mouth- not reading it) and just laughing. I still am amazed she's mine, and I couldn't love her more if I tried. I have a dog and cat who are sweet and cuddly (even if I do occasionally have to clean up their messes). I have an extended family- parents, brother, grandparents (3 of 4 still alive and doing great), in-laws- who are all wonderful and loving and caring and supportive.
I have the opportunity to live in a foreign country and see and do sooo many things here. The culture and sights and sounds of Japan are incredible and to get the opportunity to see and visit many parts of Asia is something a lot of people will never get a chance to do. I have also gotten to travel to many other parts of the world in my life.
I am a citizen of an amazing country as well, despite it's problems, and I am so very proud to be married to a man who defends that country for a living. I do wish that the USA was a bit closer :) but I am so proud to call myself an American.
I have many, many friends around the world who are there for me no matter what and love me for being me. I am astounded when I pull up my email list of "friends" and it is multiple pages long!
Maybe I'm just in a sappy mood, but I just wanted to stop for a minute and write about how richly blessed my life truly is. If you are reading this, then you are surely part of the reason why. Hopefully you feel just as blessed to be a part of my life and will stop for a minute and reflect on all your own blessings in life. I'm off to go play with my daughter, hug my hubby, brush my dog, plant flowers in my yard...all the little things that make life great!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Baby Olympics

One of the mom's groups (we call ourselves the HM's- the Hot Mamas) that I am active with here on base gets together once a week and we all chat and the kids all play. We usually meet on Wednesdays and one week have a pot-luck at someone's house and the next week go on a field trip somewhere. The pot-luck weeks are usually themed w/ the kids wearing something special, making some craft related to the theme and we all bring theme related food too.
During the Olympics, it was a perfect theme to use! We all dressed our kids in red, white and blue (even though we live in Japan, we are US military wives- gotta support the USA!), brought "American snacks" (I brought rice krispie treats w/ red, white and blue sprinkles on them) and had a "baby olympics". We each drew another child's name, and made a medal for the child to wear and then had a little ceremony. It was pretty cute. We watched the actual Olympics for a bit too, since they were on during the day here, due to the time difference.

Mal sporting her red, white and blue.

Michele (the host for the week) and her daughter Brookston looking quite patriotic.
The kids play, the mom's chat, the tv blares...good times!
My mini-Olympian (notice the one red and one blue sock even!)
Mal during her "award winning moment"- she was named "cutest little fasionista".
Playing with Nolan.

The babies and their awards. Julie=greatest smile; Tristan=Longest Hair; Carlin=fun, funkiest hair; Alexis=cutest button nose; George=best chocolate brown hair; Connor=champion napper; Brookston=longest legs; Nolan=best hair; Kenzleigh=best talker; Alon=most photogenic
Bet you didn't know any of those were Olympic Events!
The Olympians and their moms!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

i hate green beans

Some of you know the title as a quite hilarious blog where the author writes about the tv show "The Bachelor" in a very comical style. At our house, however, Mallory takes this sentence literally. I'll let the pictures tell the story...

Yum, green beans for dinner...
Here comes the first spoonful from Daddy...
In it goes...
and out it comes...

I hate green beans :)

Mooooore...Mallory (of course)

Here are some pictures of our endeavors into the world of solid (or semi-solid, rather mushy) food. As you can see, Mallory thinks it is all quite yummy and feeding is actually more like a sporting event around our house!

Is there ANYTHING cuter than baby feet? Nope!

Mallory would like to share some peaches with you- here have a bite! :)