Friday, April 16, 2010

Mmmm..peas please!

After getting home from the states, and readjusting to the time change, it was time for Mallory to start eating "real" food. We started with rice cereal for a week, and she did great.

Mmmm...this watery goodness is delicious. More please!

The 2 things my kid is the very best at so far- eating and sleeping. I guess those are 2 of the things lots of Mom's struggle with, so I feel lucky.

We made it a little thicker and she liked it even better.

Once we knew the rice cereal, spoon and bowl thing were going to go over pretty well, we started with veggies. One new veggie, starting with peas, every 4 days or so. She wasn't the biggest fan of peas, but begrudgingly ate them. Her Daddy hates peas too, so maybe it's genetic.

She did love the carrots though.

Feeding is a total mess, but loads of fun! I look forward to the fun mess of feeding her every night!

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  1. How fun! She looks so adorable in all the pictures! I hope I end up having a good eater as well :)