Sunday, April 25, 2010

Antiques, prunes and bath time...

Here are a few more shots of Miss Mally-moo, just so you can see a few more things she has been up to. Gosh, she sure is a cutie, huh?
These first few pictures are of her posing in an antique hat and shirt that were once her Nana's (my mom).

There is a picture of my mom wearing the shirt at about 3 months. I was trying to get Mallory to do the same pose, but I waited a bit to long. She's about 6 months in these pictures, so she didn't want to lay down and pose. That's ok- she still looks good in it!

A few more picture of her eating. She never misses a meal, for sure!

Would you like some peaches too?

I make prunes look good!
Just hangin' out...
Bath time in my blow-up duckie. I LOVE this thing. It fits in the real bathtub, but I can sit up in it without slipping around, have my own little bubble bath, and the beak squeaks too!

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