Sunday, February 21, 2010

SATB Tour- Part 7- Kansas City, MO

Near the end of our trip, my mom and I traveled up to Kansas City, Missouri to visit my brother Cody and his wife Sarah. They hadn't met Mallory yet, so she really needed to meet her Uncle C before we headed back to Japan. There was a little hiccup on the day we left- we couldn't get into Kansas City at first because it was so foggy. We had to basically fly backwards to Tulsa and hang out in the Tulsa airport for 2 hours, and wait for the minimums to clear in KC. When they finally did, we were off again. It was a bit of a hassle for Mom and myself, but Mallory clearly didn't mind. She just slept thru the Tulsa airport. Once we landed though, Sarah and Cody were there to pick us up and we were on our way.

Cody meeting and holding Mallory for the first time.
Aunt Sarah, Uncle Cody and their niece Mallory
Having a conversation with Uncle Cody
Uncle Cody is a cool dude
Playing on the kick and play
Chillin' on the couch. It was really cold while we were there, so we spent lots of time on the couch.
Watching tv at Cody and Sarah's house
All of us - aren't we cute? Who do you think Mal looks like?
Uncle Cody and Aunt Sarah and little Miss Mal
Hanging with my Uncle Cody
My mom cross-stitched a Texas Tech emblem for Cody and Sarah for Christmas, since they are both officially graduates of that University now.
Playing Uno. "I think you should play the blue 3 Nana."
Cody and Sarah playing Uno.
We all went to visit Union Station, an old train station in KC. They had a whole bunch of miniature trains all set up and also a display of can sculptures. They were built by various architure firms from KC.
A gnome in a garden
Mr. Potato Head
Pineapple with a chunk cut out, and Marilyn Monroe behind it.
Mary (Sarah's sister), Sarah, Cody and I standing by the "shuttlecock" that his former architecture firm made. This is an icon in KC, as their is a shuttlecock on the lawn of the art museum there.
Cody and I check out the can sculpture- we couldn't figure out this one. We finally did- it's a 6 pack of bottles.
Yum! You look like you know just what you are doing there Cody! I think you might need one of these (the kid, not the bottle)
Uncle Co makes a good pillow
Hanging out with Uncle Co
Cody and Jaxson think the bouncer seat is pretty cool.
Playing with the kick and play that Cody and Sarah borrowed for her. They sweetly got a bouncer seat, a swing and a pack and play- they didn't want their niece to be bored at their house!
I can hold my own bottle!
Uncle Cody, Mal and Mama
The 3 of us flying back to Houston after a great visit in KC. I guess the trip wore Mal out! We had a great visit and I'm so glad Cody got to meet his niece.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SATB Tour- Part 6- Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas

After just a day down in Houston, I borrowed my mom's car and drove up to the Dallas/Ft Worth area to visit old friends. First stop was in the Hurst/Euless/Bedford area, where I used to teach. I stayed with NancyJo Wed night, planning to visit Spring Garden Elementary the next day. Well, the crazy weather sorta changed that plan- it froze that night, so school was cancelled! At first I was a big bummed, thinking I had limited time to see everyone, but it actually turned out great, as we were all able to go to lunch that day and really catch up without students in the way!!
Part of the gang hanging out at a great Mexican Restaurant- Miguelito's. Yum!Melissa and her sweet daughter Katherine- Mel and I used to teach 1st grade together

Elizabeth and her cutie pie
Kim B and Ellen- 2 of my old 1st grade teacher teammates
Sherry King (another 1st grade teammate) holding Mal while she slept thru part of lunch. She woke up soon enough- everyone wanted a turn to hold her!
Melissa K, Debbie L and Nancy Jo L- great teachers and better friends!
Debbie, Colette and myself
Debbie gets her turn holding Mal
Kim's daughter Caroline and Sherry's daughter Mallory. She isn't really our Mal's namesake, but she is the only other Mallory I know. She's a sweetie too, so if our M turns out like her, we are in good shape!

The next day up in Ft Worth school resumed, and it was also the night of the College Championship game. You can see who we were cheering for. Unfortunately, that game didn't quite turn out the way we had hoped, but we still had fun hanging out and eating snacks and cheering on the Longhorns.
Nurse Nancy holding Mal
Sherry's girls Mackenzie and Mallory w/ my Mallory
Rodney and Mal watch the game (and also the back of their eyelids)
Passed out after the game, on a UT blanket. We did our best to cheer them on!
Go Horns!

The next day, school was back in session, so I went to visit some past students and friends. Here are a few girls who were once my 1st grade students. They are now in 4th grade- time flies!

Posing with Elyla, another former student. I taught her 3 years ago, and she has a special place in my heart as she had leukemia the year she was in my class, and went thru chemo and radiation. Today I'm happy to say she is doing great and just as sweet as ever!

After visiting Spring Garden, we went over to visit Erin and Josh. Stephanie and her daughter Caton (who is just 4 days younger than Mallory) were in town for the weekend, so we got to all hang out.
Caton and Mal play toys
Amy came over for dinner one night
BFF"s Caton and Mal
Hey there world, what's up??
Parallel Babies- this "pod" was Caton's and it is quite a fun toy (and baby jail!)
Checking out Josh's beard- Daddy doesn't have one of those- it's pretty neat!
At dinner with Erin and Becca

We went to visit some other friends with babies as well and had a little mini playgroup- Meagan and her 3 week old daughter, Hayden and her 8 month old son, Kristin and her 11 month old son and of course myself and 4 month old Mallory. Lots of fun!

I got to have lunch with my college buddy Justin one day as well. Notice how we are standing in front of the sushi restaurant. No, we didn't eat there, just thought it was comical for the picture.
Erin, Mallory and I went to get pedicures one afternoon. It was lovely, and Mallory was a good girl hanging out in my lap watching the fun. I think her toenails have to be just a teeny bit bigger before she can get one too!
Erin held her for a bit and she fell right to sleep!
We visited with Julie and her boys as well. What fun! Here's Julie and Mallory,
and here are her adorable almost 3 year old twins- Hudson and Landon.
Mallory keeping warm in her stroller blanket while we stroll the mall with Julie and her boys
We ate dinner with Ashley,
and Debbie at Deb's house.
Eating lunch with Shannon
Visiting with Tina, my old boss from Paradise Cove Wedding Facility (and seeing all the new improvements being made up there!) You can see that by the end of the week in DFW, Mallory was figuring out the camera thing and knew to look and smile when I pulled out that black box, AGAIN!

It was a great trip to DFW and I LOVED getting to show Mallory of to all my friends up there. We got to see quite a few people, which was just great. If we missed up this trip, we'll make sure to get together next time around!