Sunday, February 7, 2010

SATB Tour- Part 3- Austin, TX

Our next stop on our "Tour of America" was Austin. We packed up from Uncle Craig's house, drove 2 hours to the Atlanta airport and flew from Atlanta to Houston, then Houston to Austin. Barbara picked us up, and our first Texas request was a stop at Taco Cabana for tortillas and queso. We made it to her house, unloaded and enjoyed the cheap mexican food goodness.
We then spent the next few days celebrating Christmas with Brett's various (and many) family members. As the pictures show, we had a great time.

Mallory the morningof her first Christmas.Mallory meeting couin Bella, who is about 1 month younger. They had on the same little pants, although it wasn't planned.
This getting spoiled thing is fun!
Have you ever seen a cuter little booty?
Our family of 3 at the big Cochran family Christmas party.
The entire clan. Told you there were a lot of them! I'm still impressed that we could manage to get this many people, and kids and babies, in a picture and have all of us looking forward and smiling!

Hanging out under the tree.
All the grandkids -Kadon, Porter, Dylan, Samantha, Logan, Mallory, Bo, Bella, Garner and Cheyanne.
Mama B with all her grandkids- seeing as how a few of us live out of Texas now, it was pretty special to ALL be in town at the same time!
Mallory with her new Cabbage Patch doll.
Christmas wore her out (but doesn't she look like a sleeping angel in her little Christmas dress?)
Aunt Rachel with Mal
"The Shad's" play with Mal
Shad rocks out on his guitar later in the night. Notice how just a few of the kids are still up for this late night event, and notice that one of them is our Mallory. She is a party girl!
Cheyanne had a fun time playing with her baby cousinLooking just adorable under the Christmas tree.
We had a great time in Austin with Brett's side of the family, but luckily, we didn't have to end it yet. On Dec 29th, the 3 of us drove up to Abilene to get a camper to take down to the cabin in Brownwood, where most of the family spent New Year's. The cabin, although it has been added on to recently, still isn't quite big enough for all of us, so we had 2 campers as well. Stay from New Year 2009-2010 at the cabin are up next...

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