Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SATB Tour- Part 5

After our trip to the family cabin, we stopped thru Abilene. We had rented a camper from Dyess, AFB (flash back to pre-Japan!) and had to return it. Our friends Tomio and Amie Brown still are stationed there, and just had a baby boy 3 weeks ago, TJ (Tomio Jr). So of course after returning the camper, we had to make a quick stop to say hi and meet their little cutie! He is so sweet and cute, and made Mallory like a big girl. It's crazy how you get used to holding your own baby, and when you hold another LITTLE one, you forget how squishy and tiny they are at the beginning!
He's cute even when he sleeps
The little guy smiling
The new mommy's with their precious bundles!
After Abilene, on the night of Jan 2nd., we made it to Dallas/Ft. Worth. Brett had to fly back to Japan the next day so we spent the night at our friend Debbie's house. It was the night of the Texas Tech Bowl Game, so we watched that with some friends. Mallory was the hit of the party though, of course.
Debbie, Melissa and Mal
Brett, Debbie and Mal
Brett flew back to Japan the morning of Jan 3rd. Mallory and I stayed behind in the states, to spend a little bit more time with friends and family. We were going to miss him but looked forward to seeing a few more people. Mallory and I had borrowed Brandon's truck, so I drove that back to Austin, and then my mom and Barbara met up 1/2 way between Austin and Houston, to take me back to Houston to spend some time with Nana.
On our first night home, Mom and Mallory had girl time. After I took this picture, we all snuggled up under that blanket and watched the girl-iest show ever, "The Bachelor". Gotta start Mal off right :)
Look- I found my feet!
Sweet, sweet smiley girl
Dontcha just LOVE this face!?!?

My friend from high school (who is actually married to another KHS grad) still lives in Houston, and her son Patrick was born just 10 days before Mallory. She came over one afternoon and we got to catch up, and have our kids meet. Mallory's first boyfriend!
Patrick and Mallory
They are just about the same size, although I think Patrick weighs a bit more.
The 4 of us
Wow- weird! What am I doing over here Mom, and why do you have another baby in your arms?
Looking all cute and casual in a sweater and jeans
Mal and Mommy

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