Saturday, February 6, 2010

SATB Tour- Part 2- Atlanta, GA

After a week in Seattle, the 3 of us boarded yet another plane and flew to Atlanta, Georgia. My immediate family lives in Houston, but this year we spent the holidays in Georgia to get to see all the family. My uncle (my mom's brother) lives in Athens, about 2 hours from Atlanta. So, my grandparents (mom's parents) flew down from Virginia, mom flew over from Houston, my cousin flew in from San Francisco, and of course Brett, Mallory and I rounded out the crowd. We had a GREAT time just hanging out, playing cards, decorating for and celebrating the holidays and just spending some good quality time together.
The 4 generations of girls- Nonna (my mom's mom), Nana (my mom), me (the new mom) and Mallory!
Isn't that the cutest little reindeer butt you've ever seen?
The whole family: Uncle Craig, me, Mallory, Brett, Mom, Poppy, Nonna and Ross.
The grandparents with 2 of their grandkids and their one and only grandchild!
Ross and his cousin-once-removed (and no, those aren't all his beers on the table).
Nana and her little Santa's helper
The girls at a fun little bar in Athens (and Mallory's first bar trip- she already looks like she's eyeing that beer).
Hanging out on the sunporch on a Hello Kitty blanket (a bit of Japan in America :)
Helping Nana open Christmas presents
"flying" with Daddy
opening our Christmas loot
Poppy and a few of his favorite people
reading the paper with "Bobby"
Hanging out with my "bobby"
Brett and Craig "star" the tree together
Hanging lights on the tree
Craig and Mary Beth open their Harry and David gift box- that one was opened early so we could all enjoy the treats inside!
Poppy, Nonna and their great-granddaughter
my 3 favorite girls- my grandma, my mom and my daughter
"talking" to Poppy
having a conversation with her great grandparents
Nonna and Mallory
You can see that we had a great time as a family. I was so excited that little Miss Mallory was able to meet her great grandparents and spend the holidays with them. I know she won't remember it, but we have lots of pictures of the event and the great times we spent together. It was a great time, and went by too fast as usual. After spending 5 great days in Georgia with my side of the family, we were off again...this time to Austin (via a quick layover in Houston) to spend some time with Brett's side of the family...

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