Wednesday, February 17, 2010

SATB Tour- Part 4- Brownwood, TX for NYE

It's a good thing I don't make my living by blog writing...we'd be broke b/c I'm so behind. I', still writing about 2009! I have high hopes I'll get caught up soon... :)
I'll continue on about our trip to the states....after our trip to Austin, most of Brett's family went up to the family cabin, located just outside Brownwood, TX. They have some land up there where the guys deer hunt; the girls play cards, cook and play with the babies; and everyone jsut drinks beer, hangs out and has a great time. This year we all went up there for New Year's. Since there are now so many kiddos in the family, several of us stayed in the cabin (thank goodness it has been expanded) and we also had 2 campers. We all had beds and had a great time!

Barbara's parents live in Blanket, just around the corner from the cabin. We stopped by the say hello and let them meet Mallory.
Mallory says "she looks like a nice Grandma!"
Bo and Cheyanne spend some time hanging out at the lake.
Mal and Daddy went fishing
Bo and Cheyanne had fun playing on the banks
Mommy and Mal hung out in the 4 wheeler while the boys went fishing.
Mallory and Porter having a deep conversation about life as babies.
Mal enjoys the jumparoo
The baby girls swinging by the fire. I think they had the 2 best seats out there!
Barbara and Rachel having some girl talk
The Daddy's watch over their little girls
Swinging by the fire
Daddy and Mallory enjoy the fire
The baby girls- Mallory 4 mo and Bella 3 mo
The baby girls and baby Porter too (6 mo). Doesn't it look like they are conspiring against him? I can almost hear the girls whispering "why isn't he wearing pink"?
The Krause boys- Garner, Porter and Kadon- such sweet brothers!
Tera and Bella
Baby Row!
Auntie Rachel, Mal and Mommy and Shad's Rachel all enjoying the fire
Our little family- can you tell it was just a BIT cold outside on New Year's Eve?
Adrian, Jason and Shad contemplate life.
Rachel and Brandon
Mallory didn't quite make it to midnight, but she was snuggled safe in Daddy's hands.
Josh and Shad jam on the guitars
Brett, Brandon and Adrian
Here comes the champagne! it's midnight! Welcome 2010!!!
A good time was had by all and it was hard to say good-bye to everyone on Jan 1st, but we all had (and have) high hopes the 2010 is going to be a great year!

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