Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Shi-boo-ya (or Shibuya for those who know Japanese)

Yes, I'm still posting stuff that happened back in January...but Jan 31st :)
N-E-way, that was the weekend Brett and I just decided "let's get on a train to Tokyo and see where we feel like getting off". We ate lunch at Coco's curry (yum!) just outside the Fussa Station (the one near our house). Then we got on the train. We ended up in Shibuya, and just wandered around for a bit. We went into Tower Records and looked at books and magazines and music. And the shrine for Michael Jackson they had set up- Japanese people were surprisingly in love with him.

We walked by some bizarre wig store. We ate dinner downtown, at TGI Friday's. Yes, we are true Americans. It sounds funny that we would eat there I'm sure, but when you live in Japan, it is like a treat to eat at an American restaurant. It's the same as going out for sushi when you live in Texas- random and a rare treat. It's just that they sell sushi here at the grocery store, and TGI Friday's is a rare thing for us! After that, we traveled on back home. It was a fun day and always good to get off-base and out into the world :)

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