Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bachelor Time!

One of my favorite (trash) tv shows is The Bachelor. This season was shown on tv here, so lots of us got together each Wednesday night at our friend Kate's house to eat, drink, chit-chat and bash the bachelorettes. The night of the finale was a great time!
I made cupcakes. They say "down with vienna sausage". We all couldn't stand Vienna (the girl he ultimately ended up with). We started calling her vienna sausage, and it just stuck.
Laura won the "name the most bachelorettes" game. She got some bath goodies..and a rose!
Laura, Shannon, me, Kate, and Jessica
I accepted my rose. That's Lynn behind me, laughing I'm sure!
Kate had her house decorated with Bachelor pictures and the show motto " who will Jake choose- Sugar or Spice".
The gang, hanging out and having great girly time!