Friday, April 23, 2010

Baby Olympics

One of the mom's groups (we call ourselves the HM's- the Hot Mamas) that I am active with here on base gets together once a week and we all chat and the kids all play. We usually meet on Wednesdays and one week have a pot-luck at someone's house and the next week go on a field trip somewhere. The pot-luck weeks are usually themed w/ the kids wearing something special, making some craft related to the theme and we all bring theme related food too.
During the Olympics, it was a perfect theme to use! We all dressed our kids in red, white and blue (even though we live in Japan, we are US military wives- gotta support the USA!), brought "American snacks" (I brought rice krispie treats w/ red, white and blue sprinkles on them) and had a "baby olympics". We each drew another child's name, and made a medal for the child to wear and then had a little ceremony. It was pretty cute. We watched the actual Olympics for a bit too, since they were on during the day here, due to the time difference.

Mal sporting her red, white and blue.

Michele (the host for the week) and her daughter Brookston looking quite patriotic.
The kids play, the mom's chat, the tv blares...good times!
My mini-Olympian (notice the one red and one blue sock even!)
Mal during her "award winning moment"- she was named "cutest little fasionista".
Playing with Nolan.

The babies and their awards. Julie=greatest smile; Tristan=Longest Hair; Carlin=fun, funkiest hair; Alexis=cutest button nose; George=best chocolate brown hair; Connor=champion napper; Brookston=longest legs; Nolan=best hair; Kenzleigh=best talker; Alon=most photogenic
Bet you didn't know any of those were Olympic Events!
The Olympians and their moms!

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