Friday, April 16, 2010

Culture Club takes on Chili's

We took our Japanese ladies to Chili's for lunch, and they loved the American food. First, we got a tour of the back of the restaurant. The funny thing is, I waitressed at Chili's in college. The tour here in Japan was the same one I could have given in Waco- I guess some things never change. After the tour, we all ate lunch. We enjoyed juicy burgers, fries, sweet tea chips and salsa.
Mallory was a hit as always of course, and was such a good girl at lunch. Of course, we seem to go to Chili's about once a week so the waitresses there know her and just smile and come hold her every time we go in. It's funny that they know my baby by name!
It was the birthday of one of our ladies, and so we all bought dessert for the ladies as well. I ended up with the chocolate chip ice cream cookie cake thing. Delicious, and so good for my hips I'm sure. We were supposed to share, but they each got a dessert as well, so there were lots of sweets at our table (and I managed to eat the entire thing myself).
I always enjoy spending time with Culture Club and had fun as usual.
P.S. I tried a new way of uploading pictures and put them in a collage thru picasa. It looks small on the blog, but if you click on it, you can see the pictures in a larger form. Much easier way to load pics, so you will probably be seeing this again!
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  1. I used to work at the Chilis in Waco! When did you work there? I was there in 2000.

    I love hearing about all of your adventures! I am so glad you guys are having such a great time in Japan

  2. Haha- good ole' Chili's. I was at the Waco one from 98-99 mostly although I worked a bit 99-2000. I was teaching full time for a year in Waco after I graduated in 99, and worked every now and then b/c teachers in Waco make beans for money. But I was stressed as a 1st year teacher so it wasn't every often that I was there.

  3. It cracks me up that Chili's looks exactly the same in Japan as here in the US. I bet it's nice to have something familiar while you're overseas.