Monday, April 12, 2010

Hillary's Going Away

This "blog catching up" process is taking forever because it keeps rejecting my pictures. Argh....

Anyway, our good friends and neighbors, Hillary and Anders, are both active duty. Back on Jan 29th, we gave Hillary a "going away" party (one of about 17 her husband likes to joke), as she was being deployed for 6 months to the desert. The night started off innocent enough...
just the girls hanging out on the couch.
The crew: Jenn and Kira, Anne, Amanda, Bridget, Hillary (the star for the evening), me, Mai, Meredith (holding Mallory like she belongs to her :)

Mallory was enjoying the neon necklaces that Hillary cleaned out of her office (really, do they work in those AF offices?)
Just talking, chatting, hanging out...
Mallory had had enough of the party by this point...
Eating and chatting. I think the drinks had come out by this point (Mike is holding a Shiner in the background).

Now Meredith is skipping the plate and eating the salad directly from the bowl. I think we'd had 2-3 bottles of champagne by this point.
And now we are in full-on champagne has kicked in mode. I have no idea what Hillary is doing to Mike (but those are some very straight teeth you have girly!)
The guys- Steve, Matt, and Anders (wearing a glowstick on his head).
Amanda getting in her baby practice (she's due in June with her own).
And the evening goes to this...after about 5-6 bottles of champagne (yes, that's 1 each, but who's counting) we somehow wound up in the hallway of Hillary's house. Why we were sitting on cold, hard linoleum solving the world's problems while drinking champagne and wearing glowsticks is a good question I do not have the answer for. The 5 of us had a great time talking and bonding though, and giving Hillary a night to remember before she shipped out.
Then Mike smashed his wife Bridget in the face with a cupcake.
The "Pease Place" 3- Hillary (who lives one building in front of us), Bridget (who lives one building behind us) and myself. We like to keep it real here at "Pease Place" with the Japanese peace sign and glowsticks on our head.
Ah Hill-Dawg, we love you and miss you girl. Can't wait for you to be home again soon!

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