Saturday, October 2, 2010

Our Last Day in Hawaii :(

The phrase "all good things must come to an end" could definitely be used here. We had had 9 wonderful days in Hawaii with Nana and friends, sun, sand, salt, and lot of smiley fun. It was kinda hard to know we would have to get back on a plane and go back to Japan, not knowing when we would see Nana again (although Brett was back in Japan and anxious to see us). I guess the only up side to the trip coming to an end is that that means my Hawaii blogging can end too, and I can move on to the next trip- ha! Anyway, our last night in Hawaii was lots of fun and we really did it up right. We had to go drop Maryo off at the airport that night, so we decided to spend the evening in Waikiki again. On the way to the airport I snapped another picture of the landscape. The mountains are just soooo pretty.
We were driving down the Likelike Highway. It's said leaky-leaky, but looks like it should be like-like :) Living in Japan, I'm used to words that look one way and are said differently, but it was comical nonetheless.
After we got into Waikiki, Maryo thought she should probably get to the airport to be on time for her flight (our original plan was to all get a drink in Waikiki first, but traffic took longer than we expected). So, Erin and Nancy took her to the airport while Mom and I stayed in Waikiki, and they would meet up with us later. We first stopped at the Hale Koa, the military only hotel in downtown Waikiki. In the center of the lobby is a huge tree all decorated with Christmas lights. It is beautiful.
Mallory crawled around on the floor a bit and enjoyed herself.
Then we walked out to the beach to enjoy the AMAZING Hawaiian sunset. It is seriously one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen.

We tried, and failed, to take a group shot of us on the beach. Hahahahaha. It's hard to do with a big SLR camera.
So we took separate shots :) Mally and Mommy on the beach.
and Mom on the beach.
We then walked over to the Hilton and saw the penguins they have. They were flown there a few years back, and then when the bird flu hit, they weren't allowed to be moved. So, the birds from super cold regions now live in Hawaii!
After the sunset and we strolled the beach, we went back to the Hale Koa to meet up with Nancy and Erin and enjoy a delicious adult beverage. Yum!
Mom and Nancy had found some quite hilarious sunglasses before the trip and brought them to try and embarrass erin and myself. As you can worked a bit :) What silly mommies!
The original girly week crew (plus Mallory)...5 years later and still looking great and having a blast!

I have to end all my Hawaiian posts by saying that it was a wonderful trip and just went by too fast. I loved getting to see Nana and the others, as well as get to go to Hawaii. Our house was awesome, the cost of the trip was worth every penny and I'll have lifelong memories. I hope to get to do it again next summer, although I still think we should do Japan! Thanks for a wonderful trip girlies. I love you all and hope to see you very soon!

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