Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Meetings and Schedules

So, I went to a meeting Monday about military moves. I can sum it up in one word:boring. Ok, maybe 2 words: boring and unhelpful. Oh well. We did schedule our "big shipment" to ship the furniture and large items. They will be picking that stuff up Feb 13th. We don't leave until mid-March, so I guess we will be camping out in our living room and sleeping on an air mattress for a month. Ah, the sacrifices we are willing to make. It will all be worth it once we are there and getting to see and experience all new things. But if we could just fast-forward this process about 6 months...


  1. Loved your Christmas card, thank you! So glad you started a blog to document your exciting move! When or where in the world are we ever gonna get together again ;) !

  2. We are very happy you have a blog (see ours at Hope all is going well these are you feeling?