Sunday, December 6, 2009

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Yes, baby toys have officially taken over my house. My once Pottery Barn-ish (or so I would like to think) house is now covered in all things pink, with rainforest animals thrown in for good measure. They also all light up, spin, and have some seriously g-hay music on them. It's supposed to be soothing, but I have to switch out toys every 20 minutes or so, for fear that I will go insane from the horrible jingles on them. Nevertheless...Mallory loves them all and has discovered how to have a great time in her jumparoo, exersaucer, and tummy time playmat. She's just getting so big, and has quite the smiley face. We absolutely love watching her grow and discover new things every day.
Mallory watching herself in the mirror during tummy time. Look at our big girl holding herslef up!Bouncing in the jumparoo. Note the magazines underneath because we get our height (or lack thereof) from Mommy!Look at all these fun toys on this exersaucer.
The shape blocks are quite cool. All this playing can wear a girl out!

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  1. Mallory is adorable. Get ready for Fisher Price to fill your house for a few years! :)