Friday, November 19, 2010

I"m blogging about Thailand

Sorry for the extreme delay folks. I know it is almost Thanksgiving, and I'm only 1/2 way through blogging about our family trip in August. I really wish I was more caught up on this blog thing, and I'm going to work on that. I do have 2 good excuses though. Last weekend I participated in the Craft Fair here on Yokota AB. I sold my embroidery items and some tutus. Here's a pic of my booth:
I think my set up wasn't too shabby, and I made a few $'s at the end of the day, so that's good. Plus, I had lots of people take my card and I think it helped get my name out in the community, which is always a good thing too. I've also decided to open an etsy shop to sell some stuff. I'm still in the process of loading things on there, but if you want to see, go to:
I'll be loading lots more things on there. I have lots of Christmas things available, as well as non-holiday stuff too. If you are in the market for baby shower gifts, Christmas presents, or just something special for yourself, please think of me and pass my name on to all you know! I LOVE being crafty and creative- it's my stress outlet I think. OK...I digress...
So, the day after the craft fair I came down with a 2 day stomach bug that really set me behind as well. But luckily I'm feeling MUCH better now and Mallory and Brett escaped it's wrath altogther.
Those are my 2 excuses for being sooo behind (probably not really good enough, but that's all I have for now), so I'll carry on with the blogging.
Where was I...Oh yes, we were leaving Malaysia and heading to Phuket, Thailand....

So we flew into Phuket late that night, and at the airport we were picked up by the people from our hotel. We stayed at a really cool hotel called Indigo Pearl. They gave us a great welcome drink and took us to our room.
The next day we woke up and walked around the grounds of the resort, which were beautiful.

This was our front door. The area was once popular for tin mining. That industry closed down several years earlier, as it wasn't really making money anymore. But the hotel's decor reflected the industry with all the "parts" reused thru-out the hotel.
Our bathroom.

Mallory's crib. The hotel brought us a real crib with fancy bedding. They also brought a baby bath set, a couple toys and would have provided a bottle sterilizer if we needed it. Fancy!
We upgraded our room to a fancier one with our own private pool in our courtyard. It was awesome! Here's the pool in the evening,
and during the day.
We had a huge shower in the room, and then this awesome tub outside in the private courtyard.
We also had this little sitting area and the white circles at the top are actually a fan. They went back and forth creating a breeze and keeping away mosquitos. They area towards the back of the picture, where the pillows are, is where we got massages one day. They were fantastic!
Inside our room, our big, plush bed!

Swimming in our own pool.

The hotel had 4 pools also. They were really nice and a perfect temperature. Plus, they were gorgeous.

The beach was just at the edge of the hotel grounds. You had to walk out the gate and across the street. We didn't really spend that much time on the beach here, I'll admit. It was nice, but nothing just fabulous. We spent time at the hotel pool, our room pool, and on our elephant ride (which I will blog about next- it was my favorite day of our entire vacation).
We did eat lunch at this place right on the beach one day. It was SUPER cheap and had great food.

We ate and watched the wind surfers.
Then Mallory passed out on the bed in our room.
Somebody understands what vacation is all about!
While spending some more time at the hotel pool, we discovered they were filming a promo commercial for the hotel and a music video for a Korean singer. She's the one in the white shorts and striped shirt on the right edge of the picture. We were told not to take pics, so I had to sneak this one :)

Mallory loved playing in the pool waterfalls.

The pool also had a really shallow entrance which was great for her to play in. Side note, all these pictures were taken with our new waterproof, drop proof, point and shoot camera. It can go underwater up to 33 feet, which is just awesome. It was fun to be able to take it in the water and not worry if it got wet. I keep it in my diaper bag most of the time, and I don't worry if something spills on it or it gets clunked around. It is nice to always have a camera with me in case something comes up where I want to take a picture. I just wish we'd bought it earlier and had it in Hawaii! I guess there is always next year.

We taught M to drink out of a bottle for the first time.

And a straw too.
And of course we enjoyed a few fancy drinks ourselves.
My 2 favorite people, passed out on the bed during nap time.
Safe in Daddy's lap.
The lobby of the hotel was decorated so cool.

We bought a dice game at the night markets and played it in our hotel room one night. Mallory was helping me win :)
The hotel had some great restaurants. We ate at the Thai place one night, and this is the entrance to it. It was really pretty, and had great food. Although authentic Thai food is pretty spicy!!
We crossed this intersection on the way to our room. You just had to follow it that way....
One of the bars and pool rooms at the hotel.
One of the neat sitting areas.
I loved this chandelier. It was made out of forks and spoons!
We had a great time in Phuket and at Indigo Pearl. We relaxed, hung out at the pool, and spent lots of time together as a family. We went to the night markets and we spent one day (my favorite day) riding elephants. I'll blog about those experiences next. As we left Phuket for Phi Phi Island, we saw the Korean singer one more time in the parking lot. I snuck a few more pictures and she threw us the peace sign as we drove away!

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