Thursday, September 24, 2009

let's play catch up...

Man, am I ever behind on this blog. I guess having a 5 week old baby will have to be my excuse- does that work? I have a few things to blog about from BEFORE Mallory was born, and lots since of course. I promised myself this week that I would start getting caught up on this blog since I'm so behind, and every day we just take more pictures of my sweet girl, which puts me more behind! So, I'll start where I left off before Mal got here, and try to post daily to catch up!
Here goes...
Here's a picture of my friend's kiddos (Mallory future BFF's), Carlin and Kenzleigh. Both their mommies are named Courtney. We all took a trip to the mall to shop, and for me to walk around and get the kiddo out (It didn't work- I was still way pregnant after that mall trip).
Maverick and Bandit have adapted well to life in Japan, as you can see:

WAY back on July 29th, Brett's friend tom was visiting, and the 3 of us (4 I guess, but I was still pregnant with Mallory at the time) went to a Japanese baseball game. It was quite fun. We went to watch the "Swallows" (or swarrows if you are Japanese) play and it was similar to a game in the US, except all the commentary was in Japanese, as were all the fans.
There were a few things that were different. First, they sell chu-hi's at the games, complete with a glass of ice to drink them from. Here's the chu-hi girl:
Brett and Tom "cheers-ing" chu-hi's
The scoreboard at Jingu Stadium. It was sorta half in English and half in Japanese.
There was a fireworks show 1/2 way thru the game. The Japanese LOVE fireworks!
They also seat you in a certain section of the stadium. It takes work and coercion to get to another section. I speak from experience here. I wanted a hot dog, but we were in section 14, which only sold scary Japanese items to eat. In order to get a hot dog, I had to convince the section guard to let me go over to section 12. He literally wrote "hot dog, 14 and 12" on the back of my ticket and drew and arrow connecting them. Then wrote something in Japanese, I can only assume told the guard at section 12 to let the pathetic American in to get a hot dog. It was quite comical. But, as you can see, the game itself looks pretty much the same:
Brett, Tom and myself in the subway station on the way home:
On the train on the way home, I was sitting down (please remember I was about 8.5 mo pregnant at the time) and this Japanese lady was asleep and kept falling over on me.
I really am going to try to keep my promise to myself to catch up on this blog, so eventually I can bore you with nothing but pics of my kiddo :)

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