Saturday, September 26, 2009

Random and Stuff

Here are a few more random things I'm behind posting about. This is a dog grooming place at the mall here. They give the dogs a bath in a contraption that looks similar to a washing machine. Then they take them out and "dry" them under a giant hair dryer. It cracks me up- these Japanese people are so funny, and VERY into their pets!
Here are our sweet neighbors with "the babies". Bridget (live behind us) holding her weenie dog Huey; Hillary (live in the building across the parking lot from us) holding Maverick; me holding my belly a few days before Mallory arrived; Amanda (live in a tower around the corner from us) holding Bandit.

Here is me, the day I was supposed to get induced (August 13, 2009). I was due Aug 15th, but went in to the dr on 8/12 for my checkup. I was really puffy looking that day, not to mention tired and uncomfy. The dr thought I was developing pre-eclampsia (basically, high blood pressure) and it can get very bad if you let it go, hurting both you and the baby. She drew some blood and I had to pee in a jug for 24 hours, checking for protein in the urine. She was pretty sure she would have me come in on the 13th and induce me, so I left the dr's office and went home to finish packing my bag and let Brett know we were having a baby the next day. I went home and took this pic, thinking it would be my "last day preg" pic.
But then, she got the urine and blood test results back and it turns out I was fine. That was good as I didn't want to have pre-e, but it also meant I had to stay prego even longer. She said she just couldn't induce me for no real medical reason. So...prego I stayed.
My due date was August 15th. It came...and went.
My parents arrived on August 19th. Here is my mom in the airport, getting ready to head on over!
Still no baby when they arrived, so I spent the next day (Aug 20) showing them around Yokota Air Base, but then...
Coming up in the next post: Mallory's birth story!

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