Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Culture Club Tour of the C-130

I love being a member of Culture Club here in Japan. It is a great opportunity to get to know a few Japanese women, learn about their culture, language, etc. We meet twice every month - once the Japanese host us Americans, and the other time we host the Japanese. This meeting was especially fun, as we hosted them here on base. They toured a C-130 (which is of course what Brett flies), showed them the Distinguished Visitor entrance, the 36th Eagle Airlifter Squadron Building and then hosted a tea and played dominoes. It was a LOT of fun! Here are a few pictures from our day.

C-130 on the flight line
Walking out to the flight line
Inside the C-130, with Lt. Col Kincaid giving the tour
Our Japanese ladies in the plane
Mallory and I inside Daddy's plane!
Sitting in Daddy's chair flying the airplane!

Look, I can navigate the plane too!
Our whole group, taken from the back of the plane looking inside
Out the back of the plane, anotehr C-130 passing by
Outside the airplane
Mommy and Mal outside Daddy's plane
On the bridge in the DV garden
Beautiful Japanese Distinguished Visitor Garden.
Barbie and Marcy on the Distinguished Visitor "red carpet". When head honchos visit Yokota, their plane pulls up to this "carpet" which they walk on to get to the garden, and then inside to the DV building. When normal people (i.e. me) get off a plane, you get onto a smelly, cramped bus and take a ride over to the passenger terminal and wait for your luggage. Eh, whatever....
Inside the squadron Heritage room, where we served a delicious lunch.
and had tea time as well
Beautiful tea cups and china
Eating lunch
Mallory was enjoying herself too!
Getting ready to play Mexican Train Dominoes (but not before being snuggled by all the Japanese ladies of course!)
Domino time
Thinking hard about the next move
Who will win?
We all had a great day, and I know everyone really enjoyed themselves. I feel so lucky to be a part of this group and get this experience. I wish Mal was older and could appreciate it too, but I guess that is what the blog is for- so she can look back someday and remember what fun we had in Japan!

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