Friday, August 20, 2010

Mt. Takao Trick Art Museum

Near us (maybe 30 minutes by train) is a really cool museum, the Mt. Takao Trick Art Museum. The cool thing about it is it isn't like a "museum" at all. No famous works of art, you get to talk and you can touch everything in the building. The whole museum has paintings, but they are on the walls, and look 3-D. When you stand at the right angle and look the right way, it looks like you are really doing or seeing something else! See for yourself:
walking up to the museum
outside, ready to go in
Brett showing off the "eye patch" you can wear to make things more 3-D
this wall is really heavy
go on in the Egyptian pyramid Mallory
heading on in :)
standing on the pharoah's stone
pulling a stone out of the wall
wonder what's in there?
or up there?
watch out Mallory- Daddy's gonna drop you in the ocean...
whoa.... out for that croc kiddo!
help! we are stuck in a cage with a lion
pet the nice kitty
nice fishie
get back in taht frame!
ummm...mal, i think you shrank...
tea, anyone?
picture perfect
the many faces of mally-moo
getting eaten by a giant gorilla
nice kitty cat
cate baby girl (this one isn't a trick!)
mal made some new friends!
the one time in my life i'm bigger than brett
but it was short lived
brett, such a helper isn't he?

Now, which ones were real and which weren't??!?!?!


  1. WOW! That is really cool! I am not sure how some of those pictures were taken...