Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mally-Moo-Moo in May

One way to get blog-caught-up is to just do a month at a time. So, here's a few pics of events through out May of course featuring the ever adorable Mallory-Moo. I promise I will have Hawaii, Malaysia and Thailand coming up soon, because Iam now 2 vacations and almost 1 birthday party behind! But, here's what we did in May:

Mallory loves being silly and cheesin' it up for the camera. Being silly in her bumbo chair:

We got a "hooker chair" for Mallory to sit and eat it. It hooks onto our table, and travels well too. She likes it, and her dinner too!

May is a great time to get out and go to the park, so we did just that. I found a park near our house that has baby swings, so Mallory went swinging for the first time!
She liked it!

Do it again Daddy! This is sooo fun!

Then we walked over to the other section of the playground and Daddy and Mal drove the fire truck. Daddy says "go that way"!

Maverick came with us too!
Mommy and Mal flew the airplane!

Peek-a-boo! Or in Japanese, "inay, inay, ba"! I see you Mally-Moo!

Sometimes we go for walks on the path around the flight line, which is right near the runway. We stop to see planes take off if they are out when we are. The Japanese love to see and take pictures of the planes too. This day there was a neat plane taking off I guess, so tons of Japanese people came running up to the fence surrounding base with their ladders and cameras. They do this all the time, and it just cracks me up. I think they thought I was funny taking pictures of them taking pictures.

Daddy's favorite drink is chu-hi. Mallory wanted to show you what those look like :)

Visiting Daddy in his office. Mallory says "work is blahhhh"

My super fun mom's group went on a picnic to Mizuho, so Mal and I joined in on the fun. It is literally right around the corner from base, which was nice. In fact, sitting there eating about 3-4 C-130's flew by SO low we thought they were going to crash into us. Crazy. But we had a fun picnic, stroll around the park and checked out some of the wildlife.
Mal's crazy hair- talk about "wildlife"!

The kiddos at the picnic- Brookston, Nolan, Mal and Kendall
Playing with the ball, one of my favorite toys!

The gang- Brookston and Michelle, Shannon and Kendall, Heather and Nolan and me and Mal
Checking out the turtle cages

P.S. Balls are also delicious :)

Mallory started eating some "solid" foods, more than just mashed in a jar anyway. Here she is very much enjoying some peaches. A bath followed shortly thereafter!

We went to dinner with some great friends and neighbors one night, at a placed called "shabu-shabu". It's where you basically "boil" your own meat and veggies in this awesome broth right at your table. It's delicious!
Here's the girls:Anne, me, Meredith and Bridget
Mallory's view of everyone in the elevator. Look at all those toes :)
Mike and Mallory. Oh yea, you can get the "all you can drink" package along with the all you can cook and eat shabu-shabu. We did, and Mike was proud of his "stroller driving skillz" by the end of the night- haha!
The boys cooking and drinking: Brett, Anders, Trey and Mike
After dinner we went back and sat out in our backyard talking and drinking some more. The evening grew chilly and I put on a sweatshirt. Mav must have gotten chilly too, as he crawled up in my lap and stuck his head inside my sweatshirt, crazy dog!

There's nothing sweeter than a sleeping angel baby!

May is a great time for yardwork around here. It isn't TOO hot yet, and the flowers are in bloom. Plus, the self-help store gives away some free flowers to each unit if you sign up. So between my free ones and I few I purchased at Cainz, I got the yard looking...well, pretty good (for me anyway).
Here's our back porch. The grill and the table/chairs were both FREE from people moving away. Pretty good deal, huh? See the 2 flower beds on the side, and look at that cute kid sprouting my my steps :)
My mini herb garden growing on the side of our house.
My helper
Her 2 bottom teeth were just coming in- see them?
chubby cheeks
Our front yard/porch/door
I'm such a helper mom. I'll just pull this extra part of this plant here..and...
oh...oops :)

In May I also started "teaching" a cooking class. I use the term teaching lightly- the ladies in the class are all a bit older than me and well seasoned in cooking. But they love to cook, and use American ingredients in new dishes. Sooo..once a month I meet them at the Visitor's Center and let them on base, where they follow me to my house. I have already pre-bought all ingredients and typed up recipes for the day. I read them to them, explaining any words they might not know, and then they get busy making the dishes. They use my kitchen, ingredients and cookware. Then they cook, clean up and we all eat lunch together. Oh, and they pay me 3000 yen (about $30) for the class- great deal, huh? They are super nice ladies and I've enjoyed it so much. And of course since it is at my house- I don't have to get a sitter for Mallory either. Sweet deal! The ladies cooking away:

Group shot, getting ready to eat (the first meal was a Texas favorite- chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and green beans)
Mallory learns to cook too :)

Notice the Texas sweet tea as well!

Well, that's May in Japan for you. Yes, I realize it is now mid-August. I'm working hard on getting caught up on this blog thing. It's hard when you go on vacation for a month though. I know, I know...poor me, right?

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