Thursday, July 29, 2010

Culture Club Closing Ceremony

Culture Club has been one of my favorite activites to participate in here in Japan. I had a blast getting to know some sweet Japanese ladies, seeing parts of their culture, and getting to give them a tiny taste of America as well. Like a lot of the programs here, it doesn't run in the summer months. Mostly because a lot of us military wives are mommies too, so we have to go with the school year. Anyway, we had a closing ceremony at the end of May. The theme this year was "New Orleans Mardi Gras/Jazz/Cajun" and it went over well.

The tables set up and people coming in for the event.
The centerpieces.
Marissa and Darcie, looking all cute and taking our $ at the door.
A slideshow played in the background with pictures from each groups events. I was in charge of getting the pictures together for our group. That's our group there, at one of our cooking events.
Kimiko enjoying the day
The US Army Japan Band from Camp Zama played for us.
Sheila getting in some "baby Mal" time
Our lunch was New Orleans style Po-Boy's. Yum!
Our "Group E" Culture Club with the USAJ Band.
Mallory looking all cute and eating Sheila's bracelet.
The ladies showing off their gifts from the Americans- New Orleans style ceramic hanging masks.
They received the masks from us, we gave our group photo books of all our events from the year. I made them, and they turned out nice, if I do say so myself :)
Part of our group- aren't we a cute bunch?
We played Bingo after lunch, and I won one of the prizes!! $40!!
Enjoying gifts and gab together

Culture Club will start up again this fall, and I will be participating again for sure. I really enjoyed everyone this year and can't wait to see more of Japan through this experience!