Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Birthday #2 Mally-Moo!

Oh wow! "Behind" doesn't even begin to describe this blog and I swear, one day soon, I WILL catch up. But, tonight, while it is still fresh on my mind, I just had to write a birthday letter to my baby girl, who isn't so much a baby anymore as a sweet little girl.
It's hard to believe that 2 years have already gone by since Mallory Isabella Cochran entered this world. I remember the exact moment she was born like it was yesterday, and I know I always will. The moment they laid her on my chest I felt a flood of emotion and the purest form of love- like I've never, ever felt before. I knew at that moment that I had just been given the biggest blessing and gift of my entire life. Here it is, 2 years later, and that sweet gift just gets sweeter by the day. Seriously.
I LOVE babies and there is nothing like holding a newborn in your arms (our neighbors here just had a baby 3 weeks ago, so I've been freshly reminded of that newborn sweetness). I thought that was the best stage. Then she reached the smiling at you stage- that seemed the best. Then she could sit up and coo at you- loved that. Then crawling, getting teeth, making messes and cute faces while eating solid food, walking, talking- each one seemed like "the best" milestone. Each stage and milestone add so much to her amazing personality and I each one just adds to my joy of being Mallory's mother. Watching her grow and change every day just brings a smile to my face.
I know that 2 year olds come with challenges (I've already picked her flailing self
up off the floor of the post office and hauled her out like a football) but man, does it come with lots of fun too! I love having "conversations" with her and understanding things she says. Just last night she held her sippy cup up to my coke can and said "Cheers Mommy!" and then followed it up with "Kumpai!" (Japanese for cheers- I have NO IDEA she knew that)!! I love watching her play and playing with her. Solving a wooden puzzle, having a tea party, cooking pretend food or even watching an episode of Sesame Street have never been this much fun before! I love seeing how excited she gets to go to school and see her friends, or go swimming in our backyard pool or play with Mavie dog. I love how she wants to help me do everything these days- feed the dog, sweep the floor, take out the trash- she's always trying to help and is so sweet natured.
She has grown up and changed so much in these past 2 years and I just love being her Mama. I'll admit I got a little bit teary eyed when I put her to bed last night, the last night before she turned 2, because she is growing up and changing right before our eyes. But, I reminded myself that watching her grow and change is the most amazing thing ever.
I pray that as she grows, she becomes the amazing woman I know she was born to be. I pray that she becomes a Godly woman, who respects herself and others. I pray that she sees not only her beauty outside, but inside herself as well. I pray that she is intelligent and uses her brain and skills to help others in need, and knows to put others before herself. I pray that she will become a Godly woman who gets just what she deserves out of life, and makes the most of every moment.
Being a mama can be tough, and demanding, and tiring and draining, but it is so worth it. There is never a moment so bad that a hug, kiss and a "I wuv you mama" from her sloppy little chocolate pudding coated mouth can't fix. Mallory, thank you for making the last 2 years of my life the best 2 years ever. Happy Birthday baby girl. I love you to the moon and back and all around the sun- more than you will ever know!

Mallory @ 1 day old
Mallory @ 6 months old
Mallory @ 1 year oldMallory @18 months old Mallory @ 2 years old
Growing and changing into such a beautiful little girl. I love you with all my heart Mallory!!

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