Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mallory's Splish Splash 2nd Birthday Bash

There's no time like the present to get started, so here goes nothing. I know my last post (well, the last post before the last one :) was about November of last year. So, I'm a bit behind. But since I feel like I might never get caught up, I figured I'd just start now, and work backwards. And maybe forwards when I have a new even to blog about. Confusing, but hey, that's just sort of my life sometimes!
So, Mallory's birthday is August 21st. That falls over Friendship Fest (I'll blog about that next) here at Yokota, so we had her party the weekend before her birthday. This year's theme was "Splish Splash Birthday Bash". We set up several kiddy pools, a slip and slide, a bubble table, a fishing pole game, some squirt guns and a tent with food and drinks and let the kids have fun. They most definitely did!
Ali and Rowan (and her mama) playing in the big pool
The snack table.
I had "water themed" snacks: cheetos=coral, gummy worms=bait, pretzels=driftwood, twizzlers=fishing poles, "seashell" pasta, "captain" crunch, nilla wafers and icing=oysters, fruit loops=life preservers, marshmellows=floaties...you get the idea

The cupcake stand with personalized cupcake decor
Cupcakes, fruit tray, and presents. I'd told our friends they didn't have to bring gifts, but could donate to the Japan earthquake relief fund in Mallory's name if they would like. We got gifts anyway, and some donations too. We have very generous friends!
Some of the parents hanging out under the tent
The Pease Place Possy
Rowan, Ali and Mallory LOVED the big pool!
Ring toss in the pool!
Tristan and Conner playing at the water table
Chillin' in the pool
Kirsten had a whole new use for the slip and slide- a water fountain!

Checking out the slip and slide. Mallory didn't really want to slip or slide, but just wanted to walk up and down and get all wet from the water spraying up.

Snack time!
My little 2 year old- all wet!
Squirt gun wars
Kirsten, Mallory and Rowan having a serious conversation about...something
Mike was telling Mallory she is "2". Mallory was trying to hold up 2 fingers just like Mike.
My little fishie
Dada and Mallory
Cupcake time!
My sweet family
Mallory's birthday banner, and a delicious cupcake (I think that was her favorite part of the party)
After her friends left, Mallory wanted to keep playing in the water.
Hanging out in the tent with the neighbors after the party
After the party, and a nap, Mallory opened a few of her gifts. She was funny and wanted to "read" the cards herself.
She got a cool new guitar from her friend Haley. This qualifies as the loudest gift she received, but she loves it!
A new Mrs Potato Head, also a gift from Haley.
Mrs Potato Head's glasses on my little chubby cheeked girl
I'd made her a party hat to wear at the party, but forgot to put it on her, so I took so pictures of her in it later.
A girl and her doggie
She was tired after the party, so we said she could open 1 gift each day, until the next weekend, when her real birthday was (the 21st). So, the next day when Daddy got home from work the first thing she wanted to do was choose a present to open! So many to pick from!
Again, reading her cards
You can have the paper Dada.

Wonder what's in this one.
A new Elmo coloring book and crayons. Very much a hit! She LOVES Elmo!

She also got a Baby Tickle Me Elmo. She was a bit scared of him at first, but warmed right up and was excited.
Talking to and tickling Elmo

Elmo laughs when you tickle his toes. She was trying to get Elmo to eat her own toes- ha!

She had a great birthday and is a very happy, healthy, friendly 2 year old little girl. We feel blessed to have her in our lives, and to have so many great friends to help celebrate her birthday with us. Thanks to each of you, and Happy Birthday Mallory!

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  1. How cute! I love the party theme. Mallory is just so adorable and big! I want to just pinch her little cheeks!!