Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Culture Club learns to cook...American Style

A few posts back I talked about how my culture group taught us how to make some yummy Japanese foods. We thought it would be fun to teach them how to make some American dishes. Kimiko had requested gumbo, and we also made pizza and cheeseburgers. So, we all gathered over at Kim Kincaid's house and also Suzie Nardozzi's house (they live 2 doors apart) and cooked and cooked and cooked.
Mallory, the star of the day as always.
Jen shows the ladies how to chop up ingredients for the gumbo
All the women in on the vegetable cutting action.
Kim K and Kimiko read the gumbo recipe
squishy-fishy face
making pizzas
look at all those ingredients
pizzas are ready!
Darcie is a grill master!
All the ladies, ready to eat all the yummy American food

Me, Marisa, and Darcie enjoying our lunch
Kimiko and Mallory
At the end of each meeting, we usually give them some small present. Today we gave them bottles of Lawry's Seasoned Salt, which they LOVED. Sounds funny, but they can't get that off base, so they all thought it was really neat and I'm sure they will use it!

It was a fun day and we all had full bellies when we left!


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