Saturday, May 29, 2010

Family Trip to Ome Plum Fest

I did it again. I'm super behind on blogging. I think I might never catch up, but I'm going to try. We have a 4 day weekend for Memorial Day, and I"m sitting in our living room watching a movie, watching M play on the floor, and wearing sweats. The weather is cold and rainy outside (despite this being the unofficial start to summer) and I think this is some good bloggin' weather. So, I'll try to post a few things. Tomorrow and Monday (depending on the weather) we wanted to go do a few family things, so I need to catch up about March and April so I can post about May and upcoming June!
Anyway, on with the post. Mid-March is blossom season around Japan, and like everything else, they have "festivals" for it. Now, all that really means, usually, is that lots of people are out enjoying the weather and flowers. The Ome Plum Blossom Fest was just that- lots of Japanese people out in the plum blossom park enjoying the nice weather and flowers, and we decided to get in on the fun. We rode the train over to the park (about 25 min ride) and walked up the hill to where all the trees are. Aren't they pretty?

Along the way there are tons of food vendors, and of course we had to try out a few things. We had some okinomoyaki (one of our absolute favorite Japanese foods!) and also a chocolate covered banana, to name a few. Both were delicious.

We also saw this sign "Welcome Eyeball". What does that mean??? :)

These are literally fish on sticks. Brings a new meaning to "fish sticks", huh?
Taking a quick nap on the way up.
The flowers were definitely not a disappointment, and in full bloom. A few posts back I talked about going to this same park with my Culture Club, but it was freezing that day and the trees weren't quite ready yet. Today was MUCH better and we really enjoyed it! We were kinda dumb though, and brought the stroller. I forgot you had to go up and down the hill, which has a pathway with TONS of stairs. So, we sat towards the bottom and enjoyed the view for the most part, but that is really ok.

Some family photos.

Cool dude!

It was a good day. Life gets so busy with work and life and cleaning's good to get off base and spend some time together as a family, and enjoy the Japanese culture.

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