Monday, May 31, 2010

Shrine Sale with Culture Club

My Culture Club took us across town to s shrine sale. Shrine sales are quite popular around here. I guess they are like the Japanese equivalent to an American garage sale. They are usually on the grounds of a shrine, and people lay out all sorts of items they have for sale. Things range from very old to very new, very authentic to not-so-much, and very traditional Japanese to well, junk. It was fun to walk around and see all the items for sale.
The tori gate at the front of the shrine,and the entrance to the sale.
In front of soem bonsai trees that were for sale. They were $$$$!!!
This is a totally goofy picture, but I am trying on a coat that goes on over a kimono. Lots of ladies wear kimonos as their wedding dress, and then wear one of these over it at some point in the ceremony. I'm sure it looks better on the bride...
I ended up leaving the sale with 3 kokeshi dolls to add to my (and M's) collection and an obi hanger. For Christmas, the culture club gave us all obi's (the "belt" to a kimono). I wanted to display mine somehow, and found a neat hanger that the obi fits into and then hangs on the wall. It's now in our living room!
After the sale, they took us to TGI Friday's to eat. It was the perfect blend of Japanese and American culture for the day!
Mal passed out in TGI Friday's.
Eating and enjoying each other's company

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