Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My Kindermusik Kid

From January-May, I enrolled Mallory in Kindermusik classes on base. We went one day a week for an hour. It was a really fun class where the kids listened to all sorts of new music and played games, danced, rolled balls, played with scarves, bounced on parachutes, rocked in our arms, "swung" in beach towels....all sorts of things. It was a chance for the kids to use touch, sight, sound and activities to grow and experience new things. She started out at 5 months and ended at 9 months. She changed so much along the way and I could really see her learning new things in class. She learned to bang on a drum to a beat, clap, and loves to listen to the CD's and read the books from class. I loved spending that time with her (and it was a bit of exercise for me too- carrying her around, dancing, picking her up and down, etc for an hour is work!). It was a great class and we are going to sign up again in the spring. Here are a few pictures from one of the classes towards the end of the semester.
The lady in the green shirt is the teacher.
Crinkling paper bags is fun!

Tapping my toes.

Hats off to a great class :)