Thursday, June 3, 2010

Showa Park Part 2

After taking Mallory on my own and showing Brett the pictures, we decided to take a family trip to the park a few weeks later. So...we loaded up the stroller and a picnic and the camera and off we went.
Mallory sitting in the stroller, all loaded down with "picnic gear".
Waving hello
Mally and Daddy
The Japanese are crazy about their pets. This woman has a CAT on her back, complete with a shirt, hat and backpack!
Beautiful cherry blossom trees
It's a longhaired Maverick dog in a suitcase!
pretty flower patterns
grape hyacinths- these are the "fake bluebonnets" as I like to call them.
getting a ride from daddy
cherry trees in full bloom
hangin out on the blanket
our family :)
cherry blossom petals stick to your nose!
silly family picture
mommy and mal in the cherry tree
cell phones are delicious
cherry blossom tree in full bloom. they are so pretty. they don't las long (about 2 weeks max) but are gorgeous about mid-april every year. one of my favorite things about japan!

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