Saturday, June 19, 2010

My NEWEST blog!

Go check out my new blog:
if you want to see a bit of what I've been up to lately. I have pulled my embroidery machine back out, dusted it off, and am back in business. I hadn't done it in a while- I was a bit busy what with moving to Japan and having a kid and all- but I missed it. So, she's back out and ready to start stitching away. I've put my name out to the Yokota community, and hope to start taking a few orders soon. There are SOOOO many babies and kids on this base. Brett said he was actually a bit afraid of me getting the word out, as he thought I might get a bit TOO busy. I told him family will always come first, but who couldn't use a bit of extra spending money, right? Besides I have trips to Korea, Hawaii, and Thailand coming up- I need some cash for souvenirs! (And I'll blog all about those places soon).
Anyway, check out the pictures on the new site, and spread my name around. I'd love to make something for you too! We have an APO address, so shipping is the same price as if I was still in the states, it just takes a few days longer. And if you send a stateside order my way, maybe I'll throw in a Japanese trinket for you too!


  1. Congrats Kim!! You do such wonderful work. Though, I must say that I sooo was NOT expecting the link from the above commenter. Bah! Why do people have to ruin it with comments like that? Congrats again!!

  2. I know- I think I'm gonna have to go to a private blog if I keep getting dumb comments like that. Bah!

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