Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More Mallory-Moo

Here are some more pictures of fun times with Mallory. She's so stinkin cute, so I just have to post pictures of her.
She loves bath time and her ducky bath.

She does NOT love avocado.

Her squishy nose face.
How cute is that face??
Yes Mal I do think you are cute!
Brett found a gecko on our backporch and wanted Mallory to see it. See was a little scared at first.
So was this guy.
But I think she was pretty interested by the end. No geckos were harmed in this experiment, and the gecko was released soon after.
Chillin with a bottle and a PS3 remote.

Our Hot Mamas group had "Silly Hat Potluck Day". How cute are these kiddos?
Cute collage of the kids.
The kids and moms- we are all crazy, but have so much fun. I think the little cow is the cutest. She is our "Mally-Moo" so it was quite a fitting hat!

These look interesting...I think I'll try to eat them.
Yum! Oranges are good!

What's more fun than playing in a box?

Whoo-hoo! You getting mailed to the USA??


  1. We just bought the ducky bathtub. Ben's a bit small for it yet, but I have high hopes for bathtime fun in the future!