Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hamura Tulip Fest

I say this at the beginning of every post: one of these days I will catch up on this blog :) I swear I am just eternally 2 months behind. I just got back from a fabulous trip to Korea with my neighbor and Mallory, and can't wait to blog all about it. She has a blog too, so we said we would type up the blog together. So now I have even more of a reason to catch up!

Anyway, back in April I went with some friends to the Tulip Festival in Hamura City. Like everything the Japanese call a "festival" it was basically just a field of tulips and people looking at them, and some food vendors. Not real "festival-y" by American standards, but I think the US and Japan just have different translations of that word. We had a fun time though. The tulips were beautiful.
This is the irrigation stream thing. It runs thru the fields and helps spread water to different parts.
There were 7 of us total on the day's trip: Karen and her son Nathan, Shalece and her son Alon, Jane, Mallory and myself. Here are the 3 babies.
Mal trying to pull of her hat, the little stinker!
This is an adorable little Japanese kid. Look at the cute outfit- it was this plastic bodysuit, I guess so they could get in the fields and not get their clothes dirty or wet. It had a little dog picture on the front, and a tail sticking out the back- hilarious!
In the spring, the Japanese plant a huge section of fields with tulip bulbs and they all bloom. They even make patterns with the colors.At the end of April, they rip up all the tulips, and plant the fields with rice, so you have to catch the tulip blooms at just the right time. But luckily we did and they were beautiful. We wandered all thru the tulip fields. We let the kids out of their strollers to play. We took pictures with the flowers. We climbed up the observation deck to see the patterns from up high.

Tulip close up- this one was growing multiple flowers on one stem!We saw the water wheel where they grind up the rice to make flour.

The boy's day flags were out and flying high. Boys Day is May 5th.
We checked out all the food and drinks from the vendors, and even bought a soda and an okonomiyaki for lunch.

We ate a picnic lunch under some trees, and this lady with her pet rabbit came strolling by.
We enjoyed ourselves and had a great day. Here's the whole group,
and my sweet Mally girl!

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