Sunday, January 23, 2011

So to (finally)wrap up blogging about our family vaca to Thailand and Malaysia...
After the boat trip back from Phi Phi Island, we had to spend 1 more night in Phuket before traveling back to KL, and then home. This time we stayed at a cute little hotel called the Layalina Hotel. We were the only ones there! It was a little sketchy from the street, but from the back and the room we stayed in, it was great. We had upgraded to a very nice room, but unfortunately, Brett was still not feeling his best, so we didn't get to totally enjoy it. That, and we were tired from all our travels at this point.
The back side of the hotel.
The back of the hotel, facing the ocean.
The cute little hotel pool (we didn't use it).
Our room. It had a really big tub (which M LOVED taking a bath in) and a cool cut out from the tub to the bedroom.
The bed
It also had a swirly staircase that led up to a rooftop balcony.
M thought the stairs were pretty neat.
View from the balcony
The roof balcony, complete with chaise lounges. It was like 200 degrees up here though, so it didn't get used by us.
Our beach and pool view.
M enjoyed checking out the bed.
We ate lunch and took a nap. Then we strolled down the street the hotel was on, and ate dinner at a Scandinavian food restaurant. They had yummy margaritas.

Brett and Mal enjoy the restaurant for dinner. The owner of the place was an ex-pat and he was fun to talk to. His young daughter loved Mal too.
The next morning we had to get up really early and go to the airport for our flight from Phuket to Kuala Lumpur. Then, unfortunately, we had a LONG layover in KL. Originally we were thinking we'd go find something else to do in KL again, but Brett still wasn't 100% and we were still exhausted, so we stayed in the airport. The KL airport is one of the nicest ones I've ever been in though- they had a movie lounge and an internet station and lots of shops and restaurants. They also had a airside transit hotel, which, since we had soooo long (like 11 hours) to kill) we checked into for a few hours and took a nap. The room was blah but it worked.
M spent time in the stroller, perusing the airport.

Waiting to check in to the airport hotel (we had certain hours the room was ours- kinda like a "love hotel"- ick!)

After that, we finally got on our plane and made it home to Tokyo. It was a FABULOUS family vacation, and we certainly made lifelong memories. I loved getting to spend so much time relaxing with Brett and Mal, and I know Brett enjoyed being out of the office and just hanging out with the family. We can't wait for our next trip!!!

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