Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mallory's Top 10 (plus 1) before turning 10 days old

1. She tried out her new swing and her papasan chair and the Pack 'n Play. She was a fan of all of them!
2. She spent some time hanging out with friends, family and neighbors. This is Bridget, who lives in the building behind us. Her weenie dog Huey and Maverick are best friends. This is Matt and Amanda. Small world- Matt and my little brother were best friends in high school. Years later, Matt becomes a helicopter pilot, they are stationed here at Yokota as well, and we all hang out quite regularly. This is Amanda, Bridget, and her husband Mike, also a helicopter pilot. It took a little convincing for Mike to hold Mallory, but doesn't he look like a natural?
3. She hung out with her puppy Maverick, who I am sure will be her best buddy one day soon.
4. She told Daddy to have a great day at work as his first day back as a Dad. Daddy looks a little freaked out to go back to work, or that he has a kid, or something...
5. She took naps with Nana and Grandpa. They took naps with Malllory.
6. She went on her 1 week dr visit. This is the hospital she was born at, as well as where she goes for dr visits and check-ups. The nurse measured her, weighed her, listened to her heart, answered all our questions as first time parents, and generally calmed all our new parent fears. Then Mallory showed off her "party trick"- at 1 week old she was already rolling to her side!
7. She went on her first walk around the neighborhood in her fancy stroller. It put her to sleep!
8. She went to Joyful Honda. It's a store that is like Super Wal-Mart on crack- it has EVERYTHING! We walked around and explored.Nana and Grandpa were amused by the small Japanese furniture. Mom wore the Moby wrap for the first time and Mallory LOVED it- she just slept and cooed the entire time! It was an experiment getting it tied though (I'll spare you the pictures of us practicing getting it wrapped right, and using a stuffed lamb as practice).
9. She went to the Farmer's Market, where Mom and Nana picked out some plants. She also went to the Daiso (dollar store). In between the two stores, she slept soundly in her carseat. The girl knows how to sleep!!
10. She went on her very first dinner out, at the Yakiniku Restaurant. It's the restaurant where you cook your own meat at the table. That is what this sign says :)Mommy got Miss Mallory all dressed up in a cute, girly outfit and big bow. Her pants even had the cutest ruffly butt- nothing manly for this girl! Here we all are, getting ready to grill. Mallory was sooo good, and just chilled out in her carseat the whole time.
11. She had her very first bottle, and drank it without hesitation. Daddy gave it to me. She looks so little in his big hands. She drank it all up, burped quite loudly, and the bottle was a hit!
And this was all before I turned 10 days old!!


  1. Aw how cute! Little miss Mal ; ) I love the one of her and Mav.

  2. She's precious Kim! I just love seeing new pictures of her.

  3. I want to kiss all over her chubby, precious cheeks. You and Brett look like you are taking well to parenthood. I knew you would be a great mom!