Friday, October 16, 2009

Sitting up High and Watching the Show

Here's a few pictures of Mallory's first time in her high chair. She doesn't eat in it yet of course (still just a solid milk diet for her), but she sat in it the other day and watched Mommy cook dinner.
It tilts back and has head supports so that an infant can sit in it and not fall over I guess. I took the tray off, as with it tilted back that far, she couldn't really see over the tray, and she does need it yet anyway. She seemed to enjoy being up high enough to see what I was doing, and I enjoyed having a cooking buddy.

We chatted while I made dinner. Ok, so I talked to her and told her what I was doing- she didn't really input much into the conversation other that "coo" and "goo" and things like that. But it is so fun to have her around, and see her becoming so much more aware of what is going on around her. I love watching her grow and change every single day! Next week she will be 2 months old already- where does the time go??Whew- all that cooking and talking to Mommy made me ready for a nap!

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