Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just some thoughts...

This paragraph was part of an email I received, but as I read it I thought I could have written it myself, so I had to copy and paste it because it says what is in my heart too:

"My sweet little newborn is growing so fast. It breaks my heart. She will be two months old this week. It feels like maybe two weeks. The time slips away from me so fast, as does the newborn stage. I hear so many people say they prefer when their babies get a little older and have more personality. Not me, there is such innocence in the newborn stage that you never get back. She is so sweet and precious. I really don't want her to grow up at all. I want to keep her safely snuggled in my arms forever and protect her from the world.
My very next thought, please don't be like me. Please don't make my mistakes. Will she lose her path and be afraid? Will she seek love in the wrong places? Will she have crippling anxiety and fear? Will she sabotage relationships and run from her problems? I love her so much, I want her to have a life of joy and laughter. I want her to have confidence and strength. I want her to believe in herself and her potential. I don't want her to hurt and struggle.
I know it is inevitable, she will grow up. She will face challenges and heartache. Hopefully she will make better choices than I did. But right now, more than anything, I just want her to stay little. I want her to stay a newborn in my arms that is happy and safe and loved. I want to cherish every big grin, every coo and gurgle, I want her to be my baby as long as possible."


  1. That is so sweet! It made me choke up. I can't believe Mallory is 2 months old - she is adorable!

  2. Kim I absolutely agree with you and this email. Days gone by are kinda bittersweet.