Sunday, November 15, 2009

Hot Mamas go to Kichijoji

Here at Yokota I am blessed to have made friends with lots of people, many of them mommies of little ones as well. One such group calls ourselves the "Hot Mamas". Super fun group that meets Friday mornings in the EDIS playroon to let the kids socialize (as well as us). But we also get together at other times and go on "field trips" together. It's great to get out and about in Japan. Plus, when you are with other mommies, they understand about having to stop to nurse or change a diaper. And you are pretty much guaranteed that if you forgot something in your diaper bag- someone else has what you need!
On October 21st, 7 of us (and our babes) loaded up our kids, strollers, carriers, blankets, food, get the idea...and headed out for a stroll and picnic in Kichijoji Park. As you can see, we had a great time!
On the we go...
My view of Mallory, in the baby carrier.
We didn't, but you can rent these swan paddle boats and go around the pond in them.
Mallory stopping for her picnic lunch :)
Mallory hanging out on the picnic blanket.
The group stopping for a picnic lunch.
The temple located in Kichijoji Park.

Mal and me on the temple bridge.
7 mamas and 7 babes.
Just the babies- and Rachel and myself :)
Everyone again.
A stone near the temple. I have no idea what it says :)
Beautiful park.
The group in front of the temple.
A Japanese artist painting the scenery in the park.
Enjoying a dessert crepes break in a pavilion on the way back to the train. Crepes are a delicious dessert they sell here. It's like a huge flat pancake and they will fill it with just about anything you want. Mine had ice cream, bananas, chocolate sauce and sprinkles on it today...I ate the entire thing and only managed to drip one small drop of ice cream on Mallory's head :)
Obviously a spin off of Hard Rock.
The whole group on the street in Kichijoji, walking back to the train station.
An escalator in the train station. When someone in a wheelchair needs to get up or down, they rope off the escalator, slow it down, have a few of the stairs attach together to make a "platform", and down they go. We'd never seen that before- kinda neat, huh?
The walk from the train station back to base. I'm the one wearing the backpack. Mallory is in the carrier on my front- that way I'm balanced out! The little boy in front of me wasn't with our group. He was a Japanese kid hurrying home from school.

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