Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mallory's Party Tricks

While we love getting out and about in Japan, Mallory is our main focus these days. But, with such a cute face, can you really blame us? :) Here are just a few pictures to show you what she has been up to lately:
She can "fly"!

Look closely and you can see a lovely little spit stream on this one. That's another trick of hers- she's a juicy kid!

Her very first Christmas ornament, given to her by my friend Christina (hi Christina!!) in my DFW ornament exhange.
Sucking her thumb. She found it a few weeks ago, and it is now her self-soothing mechanism. it is usually her left thumb, with her fingers up on her face. She takes her right hand behind her head and rubs her head in a diva-like pose.
Helping Daddy hold the bottle
Holding her own bottle (not really, it was sorta just propped up on her, but it looks like she was holding it so of course I had to snap a picture of it) Please ignore that her fingers look freakishly weird- she was actually making a fist.
Looking adorable after bath time. Couldn't you just eat her up, she's such a cutie pie?!
And not to be forgotten, my first baby, Maverick. Here is Maverick and his buddy Huey (our neighbor's dog). Aren't they cute? Huey is around 8 months to Maverick's 8 years, but they still have fun and run around together.

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  1. I'm behind on checking up on your blog. :-) I'm loving all the new picture of Mallory. She's such a pretty little girl! And I'm glad the ornament turned out so cute. I hope you guys will have it for many years to come!