Thursday, November 19, 2009

Our Family Vacation to Florida

We just got back from our first family vacation and airplane ride. Brett had a class he had to attend for work at Hurlburt Field in Florida, so Mallory and I joined him and made it into a 2 week family vacation. We had a great time shopping, laying on the beach, eating American food, and just spending time together. Here's a few pictures to document our great trip and Mallory's very first plane ride and trip to the USA.
This is how Mallory rode on the plane from Narita (Tokyo) to Dallas. This bassinet clips into the bulkhead wall, so you don't have to hold her for the entire 13 hours. Bliss.
Mallory asleep in the bassinet.
Mallory's very first trip to the beach.

Chillin' in the hotel room, watching some tv. Note the Route 44 Sonic cup- we miss Sonic in Japan.

My new sleep position- one finger in my mouth, the other in my ear.
So stinkin' cute, and drooly!

Such a diva.

Hello there cutie! (Both of them!)

The boardwalk in Destin, FL
We ate dinner on the boardwalk. It was calm and relaxing, as you can see. Mallory throughly enjoyed it.

My shirt says I'm a "super star", and well, I am of course!
Feeding the birds on the pier
Visiting with some close, family friends
Hanging with Mommy in the hotel

My Daddy is so fun!

We stayed at the Ramada Plaza Beach Resort. This is the pool that backed up right into our room. Inside the cave was a swim-up bar (but it was off season in October, so no drinks for us- in the pool anyway).

Our family beach picture.
Mommy and Mal on the beach
Our little sunbather. Such a diva at 2 months.

Leaving her mark on the beach :)
Daddy and daugher time
Check out my cool sunhat. Keeps the sun off my face and neck. Also hides my face in all the pictures.
Laying on the beach is hard work- it's time for a nap!

Trying to keep the sun off our little diva. Since we didn't have an umbrella or anything, the next best thing was pulling out all the contents of the diaper bag.
My shirt says "Could I be any cuter". The answer is, of course, NO!
What is this stuff on the ground? Sand? What is that??

Brett + Kim = Mallory 2009


  1. Thanks for sharing. She's just getting more and more darling! Hope you enjoyed all your American favorites, including Sonic & Whataburger! Woohoo!! How did Mallory adjust to the time change?

  2. We did enjoy some good American favs- Target, Sonic, Chick-Fil-A, TGI Friday's...we had a good time. Nice to go back for a visit and some good family time.
    As far as the time change, the USA is 14 hours behind (and 15 now w/ daylight savings time over). She was sleeping thru the night before we left. Once we got there she was waking up about 2-3 times/night. She was just adjusting...when it was time to come back. She was up about 2-3 times for about 5 nights, but she is back to sleeping thru the night now. We know we are so blessed to have a 3 month old who does that well! Hopefully she will adjust that well again when we go back for Christmas!