Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bzzzing on By...

Halloween isn't really a holiday celebrated here in Japan. They don't really grow pumpkins, have pumpkin patches, dress up or trick-or-treat. They do ship over a few pumpkins for us crazy Americans here on base. So, before we left I bought one, hollowed it out and took a few pictures of "my punkin".

We spent Halloween in Florida this year. We wanted to dress Mallory up like Godzilla (living in Japan and all), but there are no infant Godzilla costumes to be found. So, the last minute 75% off bumblebee costume from the BX had to do. It was cute though. I mean, look at the little girl in it- how could it not be cute? It was just a big sack basically, which worked out nice, as a cold front came thru Halloween night and it was kinda chilly. Kept her warm and toasty while looking quite adorable.

We also took her to a pumpkin patch while in the states. They don't have those in Japan, so it was fun to get to take her to one and take some pictures. Of course, we didn't go until Halloween day, so the pumpkins were a little scarce and left a bit to be desired by then. That's ok- we got the general idea, and it isn't like she knew where she was or what she was doing anyway. The joy of having a little one I guess.

Watch out or she will "sting" you with her killer slobbery tongue!
We spent Halloween night trick-or-treating on base with some friends that are stationed at Hurlburt Field. It was fun. They have 2 kiddos- a 4 year old little GI Joe (Jonathan), and a 1 1/2 year old ladybug (Mary). She was quite cute with Mal the bumblebee. We joked that Jonathan should have been an exterminator.

It was a fun way to spend Mallory's very first holiday. I'm already soooo looking forward to the rest of the holiday season with her. We are spending Thanksgiving in Japan this year and celebrating with about 6 other families here, who have become like our family over here. For Christmas and New Year's we get to be back in the states with family, and I CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!

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