Monday, October 12, 2009

Newborn Notes by Mom

Here are a few things I have discovered about mommy hood and newborns so far:

-As a mom, I have learned to sleep on all kinds of things, in any position. I've woken up with my head in a pool of spit up, a pacifier wedged under my back, baby socks and a bottle in our bed - just to name a few.

-Baby farts are hilarious every single time. The face babies make while farting is even funnier.

-Baby burps are also quite funny, and the louder the better!

-We encourage our daughter to both fart and burp on a regular basis. We will work on "being a lady" later, or maybe she'll just be a tomboy.

-You can rock a baby to sleep, place them in the crib, slip into your bed and get comfy- and then they let you know they aren't really asleep.

-New moms don't really enjoy being told "wow, you look really tired". Well, that would be because I am really tired. Not sure if you were trying to compliment me, but thanks for the reminder that I'm running on about 3 good hours.

-Babies, on the other hand, sleep a lot. You can try to wake them and play with them, and nothing seems to get them up. That is, until it is nap time or bed time. Then they are wide awake!

- Newborns sleep is some very uncomfy looking positions- arms out, above the head and head crunched down so it looks like they just might break their neck. Don't try to rearrange them. It just wakes them up and then you have to start the whole bedtime procedure all over again.

- Whoever said breast fed babies diapers have a "sweet" smell to them- obviously hasn't changed my kid's diapers.

-I had no idea my house would be taken over by small plastic objects- I have at least 2 pacifiers in ever room in the house!

- I wish there was an invention to help them hold said pacifiers in the mouth.

- Newborns are noisy, noisy sleepers. I thought I was a heavy sleeper until Mallory was born and started sleeping in our room. For a person with no language skills, the kid can make a LOT of noise at night!

- I can walk around all day long (and run errands all over town) with spit-up on my shoulder and not even know it until my husband walks in from work and says "nice clump of white junk on your shirt". Lovely.

-True love is seeing your child smile at you for the first time. It 100% overrides all the noises, smells, wet stuff, etc. She's worth it all and then some!

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  1. That is stinkin' hillarious and so true! and we really need people to tell us how tired we look?? haha.