Monday, May 25, 2009

Brett does Guam

Sometimes I think my husband has a very cool job! Here he is sitting on the back tailgate of his C-130. It's open of course, and they are flying fairly low around Saipan. He gets to fly all around the Pacific Rim and see various places and cultures. He went to Guam for a week, about a month ago, and we finally got around to loading his camera pictures onto my computer. It looks like he has a GREAT trip. They put them up in a hotel- here's the view from his room: Here are the guys jumping out of the back of his plane. He isn't the jumper- he flies while those crazy folks jump out the back!

Here are some other pictures of Guam and Saipan, taken from his plane. It looks beautiful there! Supposedly there are some good scuba diving spots there (it is right near the Marianas Trench- don't want to dive THAT deep!) but there are some good reefs around there. Once this kiddo pops out, I told him he owes me a diving trip there!! It'll be a good return for being his designated driver for 9 months! :)
After flying around the beautiful area all day, they had to take a break. That's a lot of work you know ;) So, they got to play 9 holes of golf, and then have a beach BBQ. Here's Brett solving all the worlds problems on a beach in Guam, with another crew member. (Look mom, he's wearing the 'Lucky' shirt and plaid shorts...again!) Gosh, he has a rough job, huh? I'm kidding of course. I know he works very hard! I'm just jealous I couldn't join him! But, there is always the next one. He is supposed to go on a trip to Singapore sometimes soon (he was supposed to actually already be there, but plans got changed). If he does go, I plan on joining him! It's pretty easy to get a Space A flight here (like flying stand-by) to certain places, and Singapore is one of them, so I plan on taking full advantage of a free flight and joining him! Especially when they get to stay at a 5 star hotel! He'll work during the day of course, but I'm sure I'll somehow manage myself laying out by the pool- if only the pool boy could bring me a real drink! I'll just have to pretend :) Here's hoping that trip all works out! I'm sure it will at some point during our 3 years here! 
On another one of his local flights, the weather was great and he was flying right over Mt. Fuji, so he snapped a few pics of it from the air. On clear mornings (it has to be cloud free and smog free- hard to get around here!) you can see Fuji from base, but it looks much prettier by air I think! We haven't made it over there yet. I don't think I'm up to hiking that huge mtn at 28 wks pregnant, but before we leave we will get it done! (Or not- I guess the saying is that if you hike it, you won't get to return to Japan. I'm not sure I want that to happen- we like it here- so maybe I'll just casually observe from afar!) 


  1. Thanks Kim for your comment about Oliver's nursery. I actually purchased the vinyl black and white frames from a company called Chiasso. Their website is The frames are $28 for 8. Glad you liked them. Take Care and it was nice to meet you. Best of luck for a safe and healthy delivery!

  2. Hey there...fellow Air force Wife here :) Those pics are the Mt. Fuji one. My Father -in-law was a C-130 nav and we have cool pics from his travels too. I see c-130's everyday here too :) Hubby was also born in Okinawa when his dad was stationed there...hope you are having fun in Japan!

    Congrats on the little one coming...I can tell you are mega excited. Can't wait to see the little one!