Saturday, May 30, 2009


Brett makes fun of my lists all the time. He says I have lists for my lists. The thing is, he's probably right. I think it is the teacher/organizer side of me. Anyway, I think my list obsession and my pregnancy need to "nest" have morphed into one. So, I thought I'd post my list on here. Maybe I'll get it done that way (the list just keeps getting re-written each week it seems). I give myself June to get these tasks done. Here goes:

1. Call CE to get glass removed in window of baby's room, so #2 can be completed.
2. Call Hada the Handyman to install the 3 new a/c units (yes, we have window units here. We love Japan, but our house has a tiny touch of ghettoness to it.) Talk him into installing them before Thursday (when I am SUPPOSED to go to Singapore with Brett-trip has been postponed 3 times already). 
3. Order pictures for frames on living room shelf. 
4. Hang obi picture in living room, wedding signature mat in hallway, kimono pics in stairwell.
5. Finish and put away laundry (although, is laundry ever really "finished")?
6. Buy tami mats for office decor.
7. Exchange blanket for office (I bought a king- I need a full. Don't ask what I was thinking). 
8. Hang decor in office- clock, cork board, tami mats, pictures. 
9. Make "bow holder" for Baby C's room. 
10. Embroider 1 month, 2 month, 3 month onesies for Baby C. 
11. Get baby book for Baby C. 
12. Make triple frame for nursery- sonogram pics and birth pic. 
13. Make "all God's grace in one sweet little face" frame. 
14. Birthday gift for Brett.
15. Mail b-day gift to Dad.
16. Check on glider/ottoman order. 
17. Assemble baby stuff- bouncer, jumparoo, exersaucer, packnplay.
18. Plant flowers in 2 backyard flower beds, and get pot for gardenia in front. 
19. Catch up on blog posts- sumo, zoo, sake factory, house pictures. 
20. DEEP CLEAN the house (before taking and posting house pictures)!
21. Get small table for baby's room (to go by the glider) and a small table for downstairs (to put Bandit's box on). 
22. Get outdoor furniture for back patio. 
23. Get grill. 
24. Get carpet for office and baby's room.
25. Call legal office and get taxes done. 

Let's see how many of these I get done this next month. I'll just erase them as I get them done. I figure I still have 2.5 months until baby gets here, but I also feel big and tired these days, and I ONLY have 2.5 months until baby gets here. I'm also hoping to be out of town for a week in June, and Brett will be gone about 4 weeks total until August. We also have a friend of Brett's coming for a visit in July and my parents in August- so I want my list finished by then!! Wish me luck! (And hopefully I won't have to add items to the list, just subtract!) 

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  1. This is very funny to me. I have a reputation for my lists. I have lists of what I wear to events. I could give you some more list ideas when you are ready!