Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Updates on Life in Japan

I've been bad lately and not updated this blog in a while. I guess it's because it's just been "life as usual" here in Japan. Brett's been flying and working. I've been working on setting up the house and hanging out with friends. The rainy season here has begun, and most of last week was dreary and overcast. On the bright side, I don't think it is as hot here as it is in Texas already. Muggy- yes, but not quite as hot (maybe around 80- not too bad really). Here are a few of the things we've done in the last week or so:
On the 7th I went into Tokyo with 2 other squadron wives. We took the bus that leaves from the Lodge here on base, and drops you off at the New Sanno Hotel (the exclusively military hotel in Tokyo). From there we caught a cab and went to "Jane's Pearls". It is the shop I won the pearls from at the YOSC meeting a few weeks back. It was very interesting to hear about all the various kinds and colors and how they are made. I didn't buy any (I figured I already have a necklace...although some matching earrings WOULD be nice!) but it was a fun trip. It is located in the 'Roppongi' district of Japan. That is an area famous for expensive shops, and wild and crazy nightlife! After that, we went back to the hotel and ate lunch. We were supposed to catch the 1:30 bus back to base, but at 1:32 it was already gone (the Japanese are very punctual people). Sooo...we took the train back instead. It was fine, and a fun adventure, and it only cost $1.60 more than the bus would have.
On the 9th there was a "shrine sale" on base. Basically, local Japanese come in to the community center and sell cultural items for pretty cheap. It was fun to see all the various things. I bought a plant stand, made from carved wood (sorta like driftwood) for 500 yen (about $5.00) and a kokeshi doll for my soon-to-be daughter. Those are hand painted wooden Japanese dolls that are quite popular here. The one I bought has her birth month flower (August=sunflower) painted on it, along with a very cute Japanese haircut and face. I'm sure it will find a cute spot in her nursery. 
Speaking of the  nursery, I am almost done painting it,and I think it will look great!I've washed and hung her clothes, and the next step is to set up all the furniture. I'm 26.5 weeks already, so she will be here before we know it!
As for the baby, I was able to have my "first" mother's day this year. We didn't really do much- just hung out together, and Brett said he can't wait for our daughter to get here. I have to agree with him. We also mowed the lawn. I say "we" because it truly was a team effort. We borrowed an electric lawn mower from the self-help store. Who thought of that idea? Ugh- it was bad. One of us had to push while the other walked beside and held the cord, like a dog on a leash. We took turns, and we had to do the whole lawn twice, and it STILL isn't really 100% cut. Needless to say, a lawnmower is on our list of things to buy now!
I guess the last part of this post is more of a prayer request. We had another sonogram on the 11th to check on the dilation of baby's right kidney (I'm 26 wks now. At the 21 wk sonogram, they said all looked fine except the urethra opening on that side was slightly larger than the leftone. The dr said it was a fairly common thing, and should self correct in-utero). The sono tech wouldn't tell us the results, but my dr apt is on the 21st and we can discuss it with him then. Please say a few prayers that all is well and it is getting smaller. It shouldn't be an indicator to anything more serious (I asked if it was a marker for a genetic problem at all, and the dr said no), and even if it doesn't correct itself before birth, they just watch her as an infant to make sure she is progressing fine. However, as her mama, I of course want her to be 100% healthy and can't help but worry a bit. They did do another scan of her "parts" and the tech said they still look like "hamburger" parts vs. "hot dog" parts, so thankfully, all the cute pink things can stay :)


  1. It sounds like you are having some great adventures! I'm glad everything is going wonderfully so far.

    I left you something on my blog (www.throneofthornes.blogspot.com)

  2. Kim - I love reading your updates on life in Japan! It sounds like such an adventure. And hearing more about baby girl. Does she have a name yet? (I'm sure everyone asks that ...)