Sunday, July 26, 2009

Singapore- Part 3- Singapore Zoo

The day after the night safari, we spent a the morning at the hotel pool. After getting in a good amount of sun (it only takes about 5 minutes here!) we showered and changed and headed back to the zoo. It is the same area as the Night Safari, but you get to walk it and see a LOT more animals. We were very impressed with this zoo. The animals all seem very well cared for, and they live in large, fairly open environments. It is clean and well laid out. As zoos go, it is absolutely one of the better ones I've ever been to! Here I am, very prego Kim, touring the zoo (I think I'm about 30 wks here).
We got to see all kinds of animals:
orangutangs that had a great, open habitat that stretched across a large part of the zoo,
polar bears that we watched get fed,
large turtles that did a lot of laying around,
crazy crocodiles that we watched get fed chickens- those were some hungry crocs and NO WAY would I sign up to be their zoo keeper,
cute swimming penguins,
adorable manatees (completely ironic since we went on a manatee watching trip in Belize and saw only their snouts, even though we watched for hours, and here they were inches away from us in their swimming pools)
Brett's favorite exhibit- the llamas (you might remember he was spit at by the llamas at the local zoo here). These llamas cracked us up as they were clearly having extracurricular fun! :)
The beautiful white tigers,
and more monkeys/orangutangs. We got our picture taken with this bunch- how cute are they? It was a really neat zoo and a fun way to spend an afternoon in Singapore!

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