Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sweet Baby C's Cherry Blossom Nursery

So, before lil' miss thing arrives (due August 15th- so any day now!) I thought I'd share some picture of her nursery. I went a little overboard, but I love to decorate, and what is more fun than a little girl's room? Plus, it kept me entertained and busy while Brett was stuck in Singapore for a month! I tired to make it girly (I think I succeeded w/ all the pink) with a Japanese flare and a touch of nostalgia and a few heirlooms. Without further introduction, lil' bits room...
The view from the doorway, looking into her room. You can see the animal cross stitch my mom (Baby C's grandmother) made for my little brother (Uncle Cody) when he was a baby. You can also see the baby kimono I have hanging on a hook.
Another view from the doorway.
The toy box I bought at the cheap furniture "recycle" store. It was plain wood, so I painted it to match her room, painted the word "toys" on top, and lined the handles with pink ribbon.
The cute little chair I found (free!) at the Airman's Attic. I decoupaged it with Japanese Washi paper to match her room. These are the time filling sorts of things I do when my husband is stuck in another country for a month and I'm mucho pregnant!
This is just 1/2 half of the closet. Sadly, the other half is just as full. Her Daddy and I share a closet this same size, but Lil' Bit here gets her own, plus a dresser, plus another tub of clothes that are in bigger sizes. Seriously, she better never go naked!
The window in her room. I "made" the curtains to go over the window. Actually, I just altered them a bit, to work around the lovely window a/c unit. They have a front green light blocking curtain, and a light green sheer curtain behind it. The sun comes up EARLY here, so something to block out light is pretty essential. The valance at the top matches her bedding. Under the window is the heater, with picture frames and some cherry blossoms in a vase (purely decorative, of course) on it. The toy box sits in front of the heater.
The shelves above the dresser. They have some cute stuffed animals, a couple picture frames, 2 pictures I bought in Singapore (the artist was painting them right there in front of me), and a corkboard I made. It has family pictures on it- if we can't be near family, at least she can see pictures of them in her room!
The dresser and bookshelves. They have some good first books, stuffed animals and toys on them, as well as a hand-painted Japanese umbrella with a cherry blossom depiction, of course.
The glider, ottoman, and little table with a lamp and radio/CD player for lullabies at night. Above the glider I hung some Japanese paper lanterns.
The changing table (that was mine from Italy where I was born) and the Japanese noren (doorway hanging) behind it showing a cherry blossom scene and 3 little girls on a hill.
Her crib, mobile, and quilt. This is the crib we bought from some people moving out of here, but their child had "eaten" the front rail. So, Baby C's mommy and her friends lovingly (and painstakingly, sweatily) sanded it all down, restained it and assembled it. It looks pretty darn good if I do say so myself! Above the crib I will hang a painting my friend Amanda is making that has Baby C's name on it!!
The floor of her room. Our house has ZERO carpet in it (I guess that's nice b/c you don't know who lived here before, but it also is quite hard on the feet) so I found these pink foamy puzzle piece block things and laid them in her room. I think they are quite cute- it just makes it uber pink and it's pretty essential she is indeed a girl in the end!
I will post pictures of the rest of the house one of these days, but I think this might be my favorite room. I've spent a lot of time in here getting it ready, and although it sounds crazy, I can't wait to spend many nights rocking, reading, singing, feeding, etc. in this room. I already love you so much little one, and can't wait to meet you! C'mon out any time now and meet us and see your room filled with love- and pink, girly things!


  1. So cute, Kim! I can tell you put a lot of love into that room. :o)

  2. Kim,
    You've done such a great job making the room special for your baby girl!! It looks great. I can't imagine being so resourceful in such an unfamiliar place. Very cool that you've adjusted so well!