Sunday, July 26, 2009

Singapore- Part 4- The end of the trip

The next day after the zoo, Brett had to fly so I was on my own. I hopped in a taxi and went back to Chinatown for a bit more shopping. I stumbled across this Temple that was having some type of ceremony.

QUite intricate inside!
Then I went shopping. They have these glass globes that sit on a little wooden stand. They paint all types of scenes inside them. Once you buy one, they will paint something (like your name or date, etc) on the inside for you, to personalize it. I bought one- this is the girl painting the globe I bought.
The little globe I bought for baby girl. It's an ox, because 2009 is the Year of the Ox in China.
I had her just put "Baby C 2009". I was going to put the name I *think* we are using, but if we change for any reason...well, Baby C just seemed safer :)
A super cute little sundress with elephants appliqued onto it.
I fell in love with these handpainted pictures I bought in Chinatown also. The artist was painting various pictures as I walked by, and she had a whole assortment of adorable pictures. These 2 caught my eye- a cute little Asian girl w/ a Japanese lantern, and a sweet pink giraffe smelling a flower. They are now hanging up in baby girl's nursery.

After the return trip to Chinatown, I returned to our hotel, and walked to the Botanical Gardens. On the way I passed the US Embassy.
The flowers here were absolutely beautiful. I have so many pictures of them- I could fill tons of blog posts with them, but I'll just post a few here:

Pitcher plants are cool- they had a while room of carnivorous plants, including Venus Fly Traps and Pitcher Plants. I think they are so interesting.
Here I am walking thru the National Botanical Gardens at 30 wks prego. I was hot and sweaty by the time I got back to the hotel!

The gate of the Botanic Gardens.
That night we went to Hard Rock Cafe to eat dinner. It was expensive and typical American cuisine, but one of those "staple" places to go when in an exotic location.
Then I flew out the next day. A view of Singapore from the plane window. It was a super fun trip. I'd go back, but it is pretty darn expensive. And since Brett just spent another month there for work, I'm thinking we have done Singapore and will be exploring other parts of Asia, which sounds like a fun plan too!

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